YOKOZUNA – Untold Stories on the Man That Was Larger Than Life

From being fed laxatives on a plane to almost falling through the floor at Bo Dallas's grandma's house, here are some of the best Yokozuna stories!

Harley Race Passes Away | Tales of His Tenacity and Strength

Harley Race, who passed away on August 1, 2019, is rightfully considered one of the legitimately toughest men to ever grace the squared circle. Here's why.
Kevin Sullivan and his Army of Darkness - "Superstar" Billy Graham, The Fallen Angel, Kevin Sullivan, The Lock, and Sir Oliver Humperdink

Kevin Sullivan and His Army of Darkness | How They Unnerved The Pro Wrestling...

Before there was DX, the nWo, and The Four Horsemen, there was Kevin Sullivan and His Army of Darkness who shook wrestling from its comfort zone forever.
Bruno Sammartino and Ivan Koloff square off at Madison Square Garden, January 18, 1971.

Bruno Sammartino and Ivan Koloff | The Night They Shocked the World

Bruno Sammartino and Ivan Koloff each reflect on the night Koloff almost started a riot by ending Bruno's almost 8-year reign as world champion.

Leon White – Rookie Mistakes and Stiff Lessons Courtesy of Bruiser Brody

From stiff shots to hard knocks, Leon White did not have an easy path into wrestling. This is his story of adversity before conquering the world as Vader.
Steve Austin - From The Ringmaster to Stone Cold

Steve Austin – From The Ringmaster to Stone Cold

Steve Austin was the hottest free agent on the market before arriving in WWE as The Ringmaster. Here's how a cup of tea changed Austin's career forever...
How 2005 became "The Year of the Rhyno"

Rhyno | How He Found Redemption After Harsh Exit from WWE in 2005

2005 was a strange year for Rhyno. After a harsh release from WWE after an incident involving a flower pot, he found a way to make 2005 his year.
Randy Savage faces off against Ricky Steamboat at WrestleMania III, a match that inspired a generation.

Randy Savage and his Unorthodox Approach to Calling a Match

Randy Savage was detail-oriented and was known to write out his matches step-by-step prior to bell time. This was often met with criticism from his peers...
Sting repels from rafters for the very first time on WCW Monday Nitro in Chicago's United Center, January 20, 1997

Sting Recalls the Scary Moment He Almost Died Repelling in WCW

As Sting stepped off the edge of the platform suspended 290 feet above for the very first time, he quickly realized something was wrong...

Time Machine: The Story of a Wrestling Fan in 1968

Jump aboard the wrestling time machine. Next stop, 1968. Be advised, you may experience slight turbulence and high levels of nostalgia ahead!