Truth Bee Told: B Brian Blair on Life, Career, and Family Tragedy

From the highs of his career in wrestling to the darkest moments of his life, including his embarrassing mid-2000s arrest and heartbreaking murder of his eldest son, B Brian Blair provides clarity on many unanswered questions in his latest book Truth Bee Told.

A young B Brian Blair and the cover of his new book, Truth Bee Told.
A young B Brian Blair and the cover of his new book, Truth Bee Told (available here for purchase).

Truth Bee Told: B Brian Blair Opens Up in His Latest Book

It would be tough to fault a casual fan of 1990s professional wrestling if they thought B. Brian Blair had simply evaporated from the face of the globe. After all, Blair and his "Killer Bees" tag team partner "Jumping" Jim Brunzell were a ubiquitous presence on World Wrestling Federation television between 1985 and 1988, and their penchant for using masks to outsmart their heel opponents made them popular with scores of wrestling fans.

While Brunzell occasionally made appearances on WWF television – frequently in showings that belied his prior status as one half of a tag team that frequently main-evented house shows against The Hart Foundation – Blair was nowhere to be found.

He remained hidden from the sight of most fans even as the ‘90s wore on, and seemingly everyone who had ever been linked to the WWF boom of the 1980s reemerged.

The Killer Bees: B Brian Blair and Jumping Jim Brunzell
The Killer Bees: B Brian Blair and Jumping Jim Brunzell

Blair, at eight full years younger than Brunzell, was the junior member of the Killer Bees. He was also only a few months older than his contemporary Bret Hart, and he seemed like a logical wrestler to be included in the WWF’s New Generation, which relied heavily on smaller wrestlers capable of telling compelling stories in the ring.

Yet, Blair remained on the sidelines as wrestlers who were his clear peers in the WWF’s late-‘80s tag team division – Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Jacques Rougeau, Davey Boy Smith, and Marty Jannetty – all secured at least one reign with the WWF Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship, with several progressing onward to achieve far greater notoriety and success.

Later, when Blair materialized in the mid-2000s as a political figure on the Tampa scene, as a frequent target for marginally coherent rants by his former wrestling opponent the Iron Sheik, and then as the president and CEO of the Cauliflower Alley Club, many people wondered where he had spent the better part of two decades.

"I don’t know what happened with Brian," pondered Bret Hart as the two of us discussed the foreword Bret intended to contribute to Blair’s autobiography. "He would have fit in perfectly with us during that time."

Well, neither Bret Hart nor anyone else will have to wonder what happened to Brian during the 1990s or any other period in his life any longer.

In his brand-new book, Truth Bee Told, Blair pulls back the curtain on every period of his wrestling career.

Included in his new book:

  • Brian’s recruitment into wrestling through the persistence of Buddy Colt and Eddie Graham
  • His special friendship with Paul Orndorff that spanned decades and at least six different wrestling territories
  • His role in the territorial fracturing of the early ‘80s version of Mid-South Championship Wrestling
  • His two different runs as a centerpiece wrestling in Championship Wrestling from Florida
  • The failure of the Killer Bees to reach their full potential in the WWF
  • His role in Vince McMahon’s steroid trial
  • His considerable contributions to the founding and operations of Herb Abrams’ Universal Wrestling Federation
  • His under-the-radar tours throughout the United States and around the world in the 1990s, and much, much more.
Paul Orndorff and B. Brian Blair early in their professional wrestling careers.
Paul Orndorff and B. Brian Blair early in their professional wrestling careers.

In the process of telling these stories, Blair provides answers to all of the questions you ever wanted answers to, ranging from:

  • "Why did the Killer Bees never have theme music?" (Actually, they did… several different songs)
  • "What was up with the moustache?" (There was a very specific reason he kept it for all of these years)
  • "Why did you never wrestle in WCW in the ‘90s?" (He came extremely close to it)
  • "How did a welfare recipient from a broken home end up as a performer at what is possibly the most significant event in professional wrestling history?"

Blair also sheds light on the events behind during some of the darkest moments of his life, including his embarrassing mid-2000s arrest and the back injury that effectively ended his in-ring career, to more recent tragedies like the deterioration and death of Paul Orndorff and the heartbreaking murder of Blair’s eldest son during the summer of 2021.

However, if the only questions you’re interested in receiving answers to involve why the Iron Sheik seems to hate Brian Blair so much, or how Blair feels about the Iron Sheik’s inane and insane rants, he provides answers to those questions as well!

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The Autobiography of B. Brian Blair

Further information about Truth Bee Told: The Autobiography of B. Brian Blair can be found in the following press release:

Truth Bee Told is published under the Darkstream imprint of WOHW Publishers.

In the book itself, B. Brian Blair collaborates with coauthor Ian Douglass to fill 472 pages with stories and photos of his recollections from several decades spent in the professional wrestling industry. The book also features forewords from Bret "The Hitman" Hart and Steve "Gator" Keirn, and an afterword from Hulk Hogan.

Through the Indiegogo preorder campaign, fans of Blair will have an opportunity to secure personally autographed copies of the book, along with autographed "Killer Bee" masks and signed masks from Blair’s brief stint as "The Champ" in Mid Atlantic Wrestling.

Although he is most commonly known as a member of the Killer Bees tag team that was very popular in the World Wrestling Federation of the mid-1980s, Blair also enjoyed lengthy runs in Championship Wrestling from Florida, Mid South Wrestling, World Class Championship Wrestling, Central States Wrestling, Georgia Championship Wrestling, New Japan Pro Wrestling, the Universal Wrestling Federation, and the International Wrestling Alliance.

He also spent the bulk of the decade of the 1990s working for independent wrestling promotions all over the world, including places like Russia, India, Malaysia, and the South Pacific. Blair is presently the president and CEO of the Cauliflower Alley Club.

"Professional wrestling provided me with a life that I could only have imagined," Blair said. "I met the most incredible people, and had the most unbelievable time. I hope wrestling fans enjoy reading about the exploits of my career even half as much as I enjoyed living them out."

Ian Douglass, the coauthor for Blair’s new autobiography, who also contributed to the autobiographies of Dan Severn, Dylan "Hornswoggle" Postl, and Michael "Buggsy McGraw" Davis, explained what he enjoyed most about working on Blair’s book.

"I learned an unfathomable amount about wrestling history simply by working with Brian on this book," explained Douglass.

"Our deep dive into the development and reach of the International Wrestling Alliance was fascinating, and I was blown away by how much time Brian spent wrestling overseas. On top of all of that, Brian’s book contains many of the funniest behind-the-scenes rib stories I have ever heard."

Click here to order Truth Bee Told today.

Hear our 2018 interview with B Brian Blair on The Genius Cast:

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Ian Douglass is the Chief Communications Officer for XcelPlus International, a columnist for Splice Today, and the brand new Interim fitness editor for Mel Magazine. He is a former reporter for NBC News in Flint, Michigan, the former editor of Fixed Ops Magazine, and a co-author of the autobiographies of Dan Severn, Hornswoggle, Buggsy McGraw, and now B. Brian Blair. Ian has a degree in communications and media from the University of Michigan and a master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University and is currently wrapping up a master's degree in business administration from the Quantic School of Business and Technology in Washington, D.C.