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No, but it is recommended. While you don’t need any impressive qualifications to become a part of the Pro Wrestling Stories team, we welcome those with a sincere passion for writing and have a vast background knowledge of the history of pro wrestling. A solid grasp of English grammar and punctuation rules helps, too!

Understand that all work on the site will be edited. Publishing quality work is a team effort here. Your articles may go through multiple levels of editing. This is a normal part of the process before articles go live to the public, so being comfortable with receiving and giving feedback is paramount.


Writers on the site have free reign over their own topics and content so long as it’s pro wrestling in nature. Backstage stories like funny/horrible ribs, crazy nights out or real-life altercations are the kinds of stories that tend to perform better on the site. Lists are welcome, too. On the other hand, readers can find pay-per-view / weekly show recaps almost anywhere online, therefore we tend to stay away from posts like this. We deliver entertaining and unique factual information and interviews from a neutral or third-person point-of-view. Unless a first-person POV opinion piece allows unique insight or access to the wrestling business, please don’t send editorials or these sorts of pitches. A good way to see what hits and what misses is to browse the articles we have already on the site.


While we don’t have a word count expectation, anywhere between 750 and 2500 words are the most suitable for online readership.


When you submit your work to us, it can either go into the body of the e-mail or inside of a word document. We’ll handle all the formatting ourselves on the site.


You definitely don’t need to. We’ll happily handle photos unless you have a preference for pictures you’d like to have used in your piece.


Your work belongs to you. We’re just here to host it.

If for whatever reason you decide to leave Pro Wrestling Stories, you can ask for us to remove your work so it can be published somewhere else. Moreover, we can happily remove any of your past articles at your request.

We only kindly ask that you do not publish the same content elsewhere while a version is live on our site.

PAYMENT (now we’re talking!)

We aren’t the biggest website in the world, but we’ve been told we pay better than many of the bigger publications out there. Happy writers = great writing and more quality content for our readers!

Current rates:

New writers – 60% of the total revenue your article brings in. We use Google Analytics for pageviews and RPM (what we get paid per 1000 pageviews) as our metrics.

Senior writers (5 or more published articles with us) – 70% of the total revenue your article brings in.

If your article gets recurring views, we will continue to send stats and make payments monthly, though most articles hit their peak on the first day and then simmer down after about 48 hours.

Payments are made through PayPal around the 15th of every month.


Send the following info along to admin@prowrestlingstories.com:

– Your name and a bit about yourself.
– Your availability to contribute.
– A pitch/submission.
– The type of articles (news, lists, editorials, etc) you would like to write.

We just ask that you send us your ideas and receive the go-ahead from us before writing your piece. After it’s been submitted to us by e-mail, we will give any feedback on the piece and recommend any changes that need to take place before it goes live. We’ll handle the rest from our end. We of course reserve the right not to publish a piece if we don’t think it will perform well on the site. That said, we do try our best to be nice about these sorts of things and do our utmost to edit each of the articles so that they are the best that they can be for public consumption. All of the writers on the site have ‘real-life’ day jobs with most of us with small kids at home, so we cannot promise your piece will go up straight away, but we will do our best to have it up within a week or two of receiving it.

Please note – If you have work that is already hosted on other websites, blogs, etc, we cannot republish this content. We also kindly ask that you let us know if you wish to reproduce your piece on another website.

Find out more about who we are and what we do on our about us page.


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