"The Big Valbowski" Val Venis

Val Venis and the Time WWE Filmed Two Adult Film Stars

For one fleeting moment, "The Big Valbowski" Val Venis filmed with one of the world's biggest adult film stars at the behest of WWE.
Victoria (Lisa Marie Varon) military presses Trish Stratus. The pair had some hard-hitting affairs and always gave their all when they met in the ring.

Victoria (Lisa Marie Varon) – Her Stunning Life After WWE

Lisa Marie Varon opens up about Trish Stratus, CM Punk, the WWE locker room, and her former restaurant, The Squared Circle.
Sputnik Monroe was a bad guy in the ring, but a hero on the outside who challenged the status quo of racial segregation in the south.

Sputnik Monroe | The Wrestling Rebel Who Challenged Racial Divide

The remarkable story of the grappler who tirelessly fought to end segregation in Memphis and the whole of the South, Sputnik Monroe.
Sami Zayn and Cesaro embrace after their match at NXT Arrival, February 27, 2014.

6 Stories of Respect in Wrestling | Friendships Outside the Ring

Here are six wrestlers sharing stories of respect in wrestling and the special bonds that exist outside of the ring.
John Morrison (then known as Johnny Nitro) with Melina. WWE SummerSlam Tour, Melbourne, Australia, August 5th, 2006.

John Morrison | His Up and Down First Run in WWE

The first run in WWE for John Morrison was full of athletic exploits, name changes, and a controversy that soon led to his release.
When "Earthquake" John Tenta faced off against Kōji Kitao on March 30th, 1991, things turned real!

Earthquake John Tenta and Kōji Kitao – When Things Turned Real!

When Earthquake John Tenta and Kōji Kitao faced off in 1991, things turned very real. It would soon become headline news all over Japan.
Bret Hart and Goldberg - The Kick That Ruined Bret's Career

Bret Hart and Goldberg – The Kick That Ruined Bret’s Career

It was supposed to be a moment for Bret Hart and Goldberg to shine. Instead, it turned into a match with life-long consequences.
8 Wrestlers Who Have Their Own Drink Brand

8 Wrestlers Who Have Their Own Drink Brand

Alcohol has always played a significant role in pro wrestling, so it makes perfect sense that these 8 wrestlers should get in on the act!
Buff Bagwell - His Tumultuous Life in and Out of the Ring

Buff Bagwell – A Tumultuous Life in and Out of the Ring

He called himself "The Stuff," and he found himself caught up in a lot of it. Here's a look at the tumultuous life of Marcus Buff Bagwell.