Bobby Lashley during his WWE debut on SmackDown, September 23rd, 2005.

Bobby Lashley: The Early Years – Trump, ECW, and Vince McMahon

Over a decade before he became the "CEO of The Hurt Business," Bobby Lashley was a young buck at the genesis of his wrestling career.
Irish Mickey Doyle

Irish Mickey Doyle – Journeyman Wrestler Who Lived His Dream

In his well-traveled career bankrolled by mostly paltry paychecks, Irish Mickey Doyle accumulated memorable stories working the territories.
Lanny Poffo strolling the local beach in his new hometown of Manta, Ecuador.

Lanny Poffo – From Hurricanes to Earthquakes: The Next Chapter

The Genius Lanny Poffo has given up hurricanes in favor of earthquakes! Find out what we mean in his latest Pro Wrestling Stories editorial.
Zelina Vega was fired from WWE after opening an OnlyFans account.

Zelina Vega and the History of Failed Wrestling Union Attempts

Many wrestlers have attempted to form a wrestling union but were met with failure. Is Zelina Vega the one to finally bring hope?
Miss Elizabeth Ann Hulette remembered.

Miss Elizabeth – Liz Ann Hulette Remembered

The professional wrestling world still mourns the loss of Liz Ann Hulette, known to a generation of wrestling fans as Miss Elizabeth.
Talking Stories with Pro Wrestling Stories Owner JP Zarka

Talking Stories with Pro Wrestling Stories Owner JP Zarka

JP Zarka is a journalist, musician, and owner of Pro Wrestling Stories. You’ve read his stories, and now you can hear his unique story!
Virgil faces off against Bret Hart for the WWF Championship on a November 21st, 1992 episode of Superstars. [Photo: WWE Network]

10 Wrestlers Who Surprisingly Had a WWE Championship Match

Only the elite and the greatest should get awarded a chance at the WWE Championship, although such is not always the case...
ECW Champion, Vince McMahon.

WWE ECW Relaunch | Where Did It All Go Wrong?

It all started so well. ECW was brought back to life in WWE, though not as fans endearingly remembered it.
The fierce yet wonderful Mae Young.

Mae Young – The Rugged Pioneer of Women’s Wrestling

Brash, athletic, and tough as nails, the fierce yet wonderful Mae Young was a born performer, and professional wrestling was the perfect fit.