‘Kane’ Glenn Jacobs on His Hotel Room Surprise

“Kane” Glenn Jacobs opens up about the time he gave an old couple the fright of a lifetime! As you’ll discover, some of the best pro wrestling stories unfold off-camera!

What a fright! "Kane" Glenn Jacobs shares a story of the time he gave an old couple the fright of a lifetime!
What a fright! “Kane” Glenn Jacobs shares a story of the time he gave an old couple the fright of a lifetime!

Kane Gives a Poor Couple the Fright of a Lifetime

While being interviewed for the recommended book, Are We There Yet? Tales from the Never-Ending Travels of WWE Superstars by Robert Cabrio, Kane shared this amusing story of accidentally walking into the wrong hotel room, giving a couple a fright of a lifetime!

"When you’re sitting around the arena all day, some nights you just can’t wait to get out of there when you’re done.

“At one show, I was in the last match but knew that after the bell.

“there was going to be a run-in on my opponent by the guy he was feuding with at the time.

“They were set to go at it for a few minutes after I left the ring.

“I knew I wanted to beat the fans out of the arena so I wouldn’t sit in traffic for an hour; these few minutes were my only hope.

I ran back to the locker room and didn’t shower or anything.

“I just threw on my workout stuff from that afternoon—shorts, a tank top, sneakers. I didn’t even put on socks.

“As I’m sprinting to the car, I realize I still had my makeup on, too. I didn’t care.

The only thing on my mind was getting out of that arena parking lot and to the hotel immediately.

“The weird looks started the second I entered the lobby.

“I’m dripping with sweat, wearing wrinkled workout clothes, and had half my long hair pulled back in a ponytail, half hanging in my face.

“Between my hair and the eyeliner I was still wearing, I basically looked like the world’s largest transvestite.

“I checked in, walked up to the room, ripped open the door, threw my bag in, and then noticed an old couple sitting on the bed.

“I had no idea where they came from; they started screaming at me in some foreign language I couldn’t understand.

“I just… I mean … I had already put in a really long day, so I just sort of stared at them, cussing under my breath. Not at them. But at the situation.

“They’re screaming, just terrified. They both jumped up on the bed and were now like hugging each other as if they were saying goodbye or something.

“By the time I got back down to the front desk, the clerk was already on the phone with this couple apologizing, telling them he was going to give them a free lunch and stuff.

“I think they saw their life flash in front of their eyes at that moment, and I can’t say I blame them.

Think about it, if you can imagine a seven-foot, three-hundred-pound guy, wearing mascara, slamming your door open … that’s a pretty scary sight!"

Professional wrestling is not always a glamorous profession, but it certainly comes with its set of fun stories!

The above story comes from our long-form article entitled 7 Wrestling Stories Exposing Life on the Road.

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