KEVIN NASH on Overseas Travel, Savio Vega, Yokozuna, Pills and More

Kevin Nash has done it all and seen it all in and around the business of professional wrestling, and when it comes to stories on the road, he’s never short of them. In a shoot interview with Kayfabe Commentaries, Nash unleashed a host of stories including why you should never fall asleep on a flight, the implied reason why Savio Vega was let go from WWE in 1998, what it was like sitting next to 600-pound plus Yokozuna and the Undertaker in the back of an airplane, and more!

Kevin Nash being interviewed on KC
Kevin Nash shoots on a variety of topics [Photo courtesy of Kayfabe Commentaries]

Kevin Nash on the Implied Reason Savio Vega was Fired from the WWE

Savio Vega and Scott 'Razor Ramon' Hall in the ring before a match
Savio Vega and Scott ‘Razor Ramon’ Hall in happier times, before the mullet cutting incident!

“For an overseas flight, in fact, it didn’t even have to be overseas, if it was over two hours, number one, if you fucking fall asleep on an overseas flight, you were fucked! Minimum, you were going to have a shaving cream turban, missing an eyebrow and your sunglasses superglued to your face. I mean, you were going to have a sharpie fucking Hitler mustache if you didn’t have a mustache. You were going to get fucked with.

I remember when Savio cut Scott [Hall] and Shawn [Michael]’s hair. Like fucking took a little piece of the mullet! I don’t think Shawn or Scott fell asleep on a plane after that, Savio didn’t either. I don’t think he was around much longer after that. I think he was pretty much, ‘Adios, amigos!’ because fucking Scott brought him in! Scott brought him in as his buddy from Puerto Rico. I don’t give a fuck what they did to him, you don’t fucking [do that]. I guess he didn’t know what the food chain was.”

Many wrestlers used to opt to fly in coach over first class. Even big men like the Undertaker and Yokozuna used to sit in the back of the plane. For one, it stopped arguments over the pecking order. Just ask The Hardy Boys what happens when you take a first-class seat over a veteran! Not only was sitting in coach a way to avoid Wrestler’s Court, for some, sitting in the back of the plane was just more comfortable.

Coach vs. First Class – That is the Question

Yokozuna in the ring with a referee and Undertaker
Kevin Nash describes how Yokozuna was able to tower over him in the sitting position despite being 7-foot tall [Photo courtesy of the WWE Network]
“Nobody flies first class. I’m flying to India and I’ve got Yoko on one side of me and Taker on the other. [Yoko] just took two seats [to fit in the back]. He would never, even when he [was champion], he didn’t like sitting in first class because it was uncomfortable for him. It was amazing when Yoko would sit down because his ass was so big! When I was driving and he was sitting next to me in a Town Car, he was like this much taller than me sitting because his butt gave him a boost. It was amazing! I would be talking to Yoko like this [bends back and looks up] in the car, and I’m a 7-foot guy!”

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Kevin Nash on “No-Sell” Undertaker

Razor Ramon putting locking a hold on The Undertaker
Razor Ramon was the first person to lock in a hold on The Undertaker during his no-selling days

“I remember one time when we went to Israel and it was the same thing. We were twenty days on the road and we were going to go to Israel for like six days. Taker’s got the broken ribs and the fucking flak jacket and he’s still doing the no-sell thing where he doesn’t sell anything, so when you worked with him, he would just blow you out because he would always come right back up, sit up and never sell anything.

Scott was the first guy in a dark match to grab a hold. They were switching around tapes or they were trying to rib him or whatever, but Scott must have thrown around 900 punches. Taker would come back up and do his shit and finally, Scott just said, ‘Fuck this,’ and grabbed him into a hold. All of a sudden [from that moment on], you could put him in a hold.”

Despite being in the locker room every night together, wrestlers didn’t see each other much aside from at the gym, the diner or occasionally at a gentlemen’s club. They would maybe chat here and there, but it was really on the European tours where they all came together.

The Craziness of WWE European Tours

Wrestlers together on a European tour bus from left to right: Henry Godwinn, Kevin Nash, Triple H, Gerald Brisco, Undertaker, Phineas Godwinn/Mideon, Steve Austin, Scott Hall, Shawn Michaels, Sean Waltman and Paul Bearer up front
European tours were always great for camaraderie as it was one of the few times wrestlers could come together on the tour bus and throw a few back (from left to right: Henry Godwinn, Kevin Nash, Triple H, Gerald Brisco, Undertaker, Phineas Godwinn/Mideon, Steve Austin, Scott Hall, Shawn Michaels, Sean Waltman and Paul Bearer up front)

“When you were on the European trips, you were on the bus together and that’s when it just [became like high school again]. The thing was, over there, everybody was like spending $25 a day in just tanning beds because there was nothing to do, so everybody looked like they’ve just been to Club Med! Everybody’s got like a million dollar, or what we used to call a 550 [Deutsche] Mark tan! I mean, we’re just fucking golden, but man, if you were to peel that off, you would be left with just fucking gray skeletons.”

a jar of multicolored pills overflowing onto a table
Kevin Nash describes a time when the guys in the back were on everything and everything, aka Rainbow Stew! [Photo courtesy of]
“I remember one time, Kid [Sean Waltman] came on, we were in Hamburg and it was the first night. Kid walked into the locker room, he unzips his bag and puts this big fucking jar of pills on the table. He goes, ‘They’re Phenobarbitals, I don’t know what they do!’

So everybody is looking at the thing and we’re looking at him, this was when we were desperate and doing everything. I came up with the conclusion of, ‘Well each one of them has 325mg of caffeine, so no matter what, they’re probably taking 4 or 5 in order for them to pick you up!’ And that was the whole thing with the boys. It wasn’t like you being the guinea pig, it was just like [everyone’s hands up, pop some and fly].

[I don’t remember what the Phenobarbitals felt like.] When you have so much other shit in you, it was like rainbow stew! I don’t know, it was just one of those things.”

Doing It For the 16 Guys in the Back

Sean Waltman flexing in the ring
Sean Waltman flexing for the guys in the back

“I remember another time, Kid just vanished. He worked his match, he vanished, he’d get on the bus and sleep. It was like, ‘Dude, what are you doing?’

He was like, ‘Don’t smart anybody up, but I found a doctor in London who gave me some liquid Codeine.’

I was like, ‘How’s that?’

He picks up his shirt and he’s got abs. He’s got like a six-pack of abs and he goes, ‘All I’ve been drinking is water!’ (laughs)

He goes to the ring that night, he’s halfway down and he takes his fucking gimmicks off his fucking shoulders, rolls his fucking shirt down and [flexes his muscles], and he turns [towards us] because we’re all at the curtain watching him. And that was the thing. Fuck 12,000 people! You’re only entertaining those 16 guys back there. That’s what we always made references to when we were in the nWo. 4 people got it! I mean, we didn’t give a fuck. It was just those 4 people at home laughing and going, ‘Oh, I get that!’

Other people would be going, ‘What does that mean?'”

Editor’s update: Whether or not the incident described by Nash in this story played a role in Savio leaving WWE is up for debate. Savio Vega has since shot back and reached out to us wanting us to share his side of the story. You can read what Savio had to say about Nash’s accusations above here!

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