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Welcome to ProWrestlingStories.com, your daily source of nostalgia and peek behind the curtain wall of the past – or as Sports Illustrated put it, “a great website full of behind-the-scenes anecdotes and a good way to lose 30 minutes of your life!”

What started off as a popular series on the Squared Circle subreddit of Reddit in early 2014, grew into what you see today. On our site, we post our favorite stories that took place once the cameras stopped rolling, giving insight into the lives of many professional wrestlers current and past. Material for the stories come from our own interviews as well as reputable sources such as wrestler autobiographies and shoot interviews. If this site can reach out to fans of earlier generations like ourselves, spark some interest in newer fans, plus lead people to some really greats stories they otherwise never would have known about, then doing this is worth every second of our time!

Bookmark our page, enjoy your stay and if you have any story requests or want to get in touch for an interview, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at admin@prowrestlingstories.com!


  • A big thank you goes out to Kevin Meeker (@Kevin_Meeker4L) for creating the logos seen here on the site, t-shirts and social media accounts. He reached out to us on the first day this website was live, asked if he could help in any way and had all the logos for the website designed in no time! He continues to do logos for us and we couldn’t be happier with his work. Get in touch with him if you have any design needs. He’s one of the best you can find.
  • Another huge thank you goes out to Reddit user juicybot for his incredible help with the coding and web developing on this website. His input has been invaluable.

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