Wayne St. Wayne had the opportunity to meet many great legends during his life. Bruno Sammartino, Killer Kowalski, Jake Roberts, and Ox Baker were but a few.

Wrestling Autograph Encounters in the Late ’60s and ’70s

Renaissance man Wayne St. Wayne had many wrestling autograph encounters, even procuring scribbles from the hottest heels during a protected bygone era.
The signature sign-off for Chris Hyatte.

Chris Hyatte – RIP to the Most Entertaining Man in the Room

Chris Hyatte died. This time it was for real. Maybe. He’d died maybe a hundred Internet deaths. Hyatte was a lightning rod for readers and colleagues alike.

The Death of Eddie Guerrero: Never Forgotten

To put it simply: his heart gave out. The death of Eddie Guerrero is still hard to fathom. He lit up every wrestling program he was ever a part of.
Wrestling Then and Now documentary

Legends Live on in “Wrestling Then & Now” Documentary

Many legends of the squared circle have left us but they live on, not only in our hearts but in a film from the heart, Wrestling Then & Now.
Silver King - The Death of Nacho Libre Star Luchador Raises Questions

Silver King – The Death of Nacho Libre Star Luchador Raises Questions

Silver King was another in a long line of deaths that occurred in the ring. The aftermath of his passing leaves some critical questions needing to be asked.

Harley Race – Tales of His Tenacity and Strength

Harley Race was considered by many to be one of the legitimately toughest men to ever grace the squared circle. These stories show why!

FRED GEOBOLD: NYC Wrestling Radio Pioneer, Unsung Hero

Fred Geobold wore many hats in life- receptionist/switchboard operator at WBAI-FM, 99.5 in NYC, on-air radio host, folk singer, songwriter, and concert MC.

King Kong Bundy | A Monster in the Ring, Joker in the Back

A tribute to wrestling legend, Christopher Alan Pallies, better to wrestling fans as King Kong Bundy. He was 61 years old when he died on March 4, 2019.

Remembering Pedro Morales, Our Champion and Hero

Pedro Morales transcended race, creed, and color. 'A deafening chorus still rings in my ears. In the middle of all of that volume was love.'

Les Thornton Remembered – The Original ‘Bruiserweight’

Les Thornton, who died at the age of 84 on February 1st, 2019, was a technical expert who laid the blueprint for future tough-as-nails competitors.