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Triple H: Why Owen Hart Was Never World Heavyweight Champion

Triple H opens up about Owen Hart, the issues between Owen and his brother Bret, and why he was never World Heavyweight Champion in the WWF.

Bret Hart and Tom Magee – The Forbidden ‘Holy Grail’ of...

Bret Hart racked up endless accolades in his career, but it was his match against Tom Magee in 1986 that's considered to be his most impressive.

King Kong Bundy Passes Away – A Monster in the Ring,...

A tribute to wrestling legend, Christopher Alan Pallies, better to wrestling fans as King Kong Bundy. He was 61 years old when he died on March 4, 2019.

350 Days Wrestling Documentary – Available NOW!

350 Days, the documentary that was the talk of the wrestling world last summer, is finally available to order! We have all the details.

Bob Backlund and Bret Hart | Their Feud and Hart’s Most...

Bret Hart refers to his 'I Quit' match with Bob Backlund as his worst of all time. Here's what these two legends have to say about their 8-month feud.

Wrestler Cameos in Music Videos

Music videos were one of the main aspects that brought the then-WWE into the limelight, and there have been wrestler cameos in music videos ever since.

An Interview with Bruce Hart: How He Revolutionized Pro Wrestling

Bruce Hart is one of the most influential forces to ever work in wrestling. In this interview, he opens up about his rich history in the business.

350 Days: The Story

Associate Producer Evan Ginzburg gives a first-hand account of being a part of the film "350 Days", starring Bret Hart and SuperStar Billy Graham

Wrestling Family Triumph and Tragedy: Wrestling Families Who Went Through Darkness...

There are many wrestling family names synonymous in the business. Sometimes a wrestling family’s triumphs are offset by their personal tragedies.

WCW’s ERIC BISCHOFF Blasted as ‘Loser, Maggot’ by Bret Hart

Bret Hart recently had some colorful words to share about WCW's Eric Bischoff on the Sam Roberts Podcast. Here's his comments and Bischoff's stiff response!