Triple H: Why Owen Hart Was Never World Heavyweight Champion

In an interview with Peter Rosenberg days before WrestleMania XXV, Triple H opened up about Owen Hart, the issues between Owen and his brother Bret, and why he was never World Heavyweight Champion in the WWF.

Owen Hart proudly displays his WWF European Championship, Tag Team Team Championship belts, and his Slammy award
Owen Hart proudly displays his WWF championships and Slammy award.

“He didn’t take the business too seriously. He didn’t take anything too seriously.”- Triple H on Owen Hart

“Owen Hart was a great guy.

“Probably not a month goes by, all these years later, that somebody doesn’t still tell a funny Owen Hart story.

“He didn’t take the business too seriously. He didn’t take anything too seriously – except for his family. And he kept a lot of his life personal.

“But he was a good friend to a lot of the guys, he was very funny, always had something funny to say or playing a joke on somebody, mostly for his own amusement, but he was just such a great guy.”

Issues between Owen Hart and His Brother Bret

Triple H continued, “In a lot of ways, he and Bret had a lot of issues with each other, business-wise…

“I’ve been in the ring with Owen, and he was unbelievable… an unbelievable talent. So much so that sometimes he would go out and have a bad match on purpose to make himself laugh. You know what I mean? Because he would think it was funny.

“He was an incredible talent, but he just didn’t take things too seriously, and I think that there was a bit of animosity between him and Bret because Bret took things so seriously.”

In regards to whether or not Triple H thought Owen Hart could have ever been a top guy in the business, he said:

“I just don’t think- Owen saw this as a career where he could make some money, take care of his family, and then he was done with it. I think that being a top guy required a lot more commitment time-wise, responsibility-wise.

“You know, it’s a lot more than they just give you [the belt] and say, ‘Just do what you’ve been doing…’

“There’s a lot more to it.

“It requires more work, it requires more time, it requires more effort. And I don’t know that Owen was willing to do that for that opportunity.

“But it doesn’t change the fact that he’s one of the best guys I’ve ever been in the ring with. Owen was an incredible performer.”

When you watch a match like this, it’s hard not to ask yourself, “What if?”

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WATCH: Owen Hart vs. Bret Hart Steel Cage match at SummerSlam 1994

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