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Papa Shango | Why Charles Wright Hated Playing The Role

Wrestler Charles Wright opens up about his memorable botched WrestleMania 8 run-in and why he didn't like his Papa Shango character.
The two Hulk's do battle. Fantasy art on Deviantart by MrJimiMadcap.

Hulk Hogan versus Marvel Comics | The Fight for His Name

Hulk Hogan and Hulkamania possibly never would have run wild had it not been for this bizarre agreement between Marvel Comics and the WWF!
Are WWE and AEW working together?

AEW and WWE Conspiracy: Are They Working Together?

"There's an AEW and WWE conspiracy going on, bro!" When Vince Russo proclaimed AEW might be in bed with WWE, we couldn’t help but ponder the possibilities!

A Note For the Wide-eyed Kids with a Dream and WWE...

Between discussion on independent contractors and fan complaints falling on deaf ears, WWE follows a broken system that is long overdue for a fix.

Dark Secrets of WWE: From the Writer’s Room to the Ring

From the writer's room at WWE's headquarters to the board room and finally to the ring, here is an inside behind-the-scenes look at the beast known as WWE.

Ivan Koloff – WWE’s Shame Behind Him Not Being in the...

Pettiness and past litigation are what many people feel is the reason behind Ivan Koloff not yet getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

WWE Hall of Fame – ‘Every Wrestler Should be Inducted’

Each year, many deserving names get left off of the WWE Hall of Fame inductee list. One wrestling legend felt this process needs to be changed.

Wrestling’s Global Village: From Korea to the UK and Everywhere Between

The wrestling world and the world itself is 'one big town' and global village. That was never clearer to me than last week.

The Shield – Original Plans Did Not Include Roman Reigns

The original idea of The Shield did not include Roman Reigns. Who was originally pegged to be in the group and who pitched the idea in the first place?

Kalisto: The Spot That Nearly Cost Him His Life

Kalisto reveals a scary detail of his life and career, a spot that nearly cost him his life and almost had him quit wrestling.