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If you managed to get involved with the heavily-veiled wrestling business back in the day, it was for reasons much different than today's stars!

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The steel cage. Some reinventions have become legendary. Others have failed dismally. Here's a detailed history of the most enduring gimmick match of all time.

Real Pro Wrestling Stories with Jim Cornette and Brandon Easton

"As this interview was about to take place, disaster struck!" Behind the curtain with Real Pro Wrestling Stories writers Jim Cornette and Brandon Easton.

Jim Cornette and The Midnight Express Attack Baby Doll

Jim Cornette and The Midnight Express attacking Baby Doll was one of the most vile moments in professional wrestling history.

Brickhouse Brown – Passes Away After Initially Kicking Out From Death

We are sad to report that Brickhouse Brown has, in fact, passed away on July 29, 2018 after initially kicking out from death nine days before.
Jim Cornette is No. 2 on our list of greatest managers of all time. Cornette remains a vital part of wrestling history and the wrestling industry overall through his podcasts, The Jim Cornette Experience and Jim Cornette's Drive-Thru. (Photo: WWE.com)

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While wrestling managers are now out of favor with WWE, some of the best performers haven't been wrestlers: They've been the guys at ringside, getting heat.

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The Time JIM CORNETTE Threatened BROCK LESNAR with a Gun

Jim Cornette explained onĀ "The Jim Cornette Experience" what Brock Lesnar did to his wife in order for him to threaten him with a gun.

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The most comprehensive breakdown of the most talked about wrestling conspiracy of the 20th century, the Montreal Screwjob at Survivor Series 1997.

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