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5 Wrestling Animals and Their Chilling Stories Outside of the Ring

5 Wrestling Animals and Their Chilling Stories Outside of the Ring

Wrestling animals have always been a part of the show, but we warn you, what happened to them once the cameras stopped rolling is quite tragic.
This Wrestling Life | Wrestling's Golden Age Reflected Through Poetry

This Wrestling Life | Wrestling’s Golden Age Reflected Through Poetry

The most nostalgic era of wrestling reflected in short, playful rhymes, that marvel at the grand theatre of wrestling from that golden age.

Junkyard Dog: A Tragic Ending to One of Wrestling’s Most Charismatic

Junkyard Dog was one of wrestling's most entertaining stars. Sadly, he lost his way later in life and he died under tragic circumstances. So too did his daughter.

Warrior on His Initial Refusal To Enter the WWE Hall of...

In 2010, Warrior declined the initial offer to take part in the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony due to clashes with Vince McMahon. Here's an explanation why.

Leaving a Mark: the ‘Brutalizing, Attitude-Adjusting’ ANDRE THE GIANT

Andre the Giant either liked you or he didn't and that was that. These stories back that up (and then some)!

‘Million Dollar Man’ TED DIBIASE: The Art of Being a Heel

'Million Dollar Man' Ted DiBiase on what it takes to be a good heel and whether or not The Honky Tonk Man was why he never won a world championship in WWF.

Brad Armstrong – Your Favorite Wrestler’s Favorite Wrestler

"There’s always that one guy whose work shines through, regardless of the size of the role he’s given.." Brad Armstrong was a favorite to work with for many

Meng: Tales of Wrestling’s Toughest S.O.B.

Don't know who Meng aka Tonga Fifita, Prince Tonga, King Tonga, or King Haku is? Read on to learn about one of the most terrifying men outside of the ring!