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Lonnie Mayne – The Glass Eating, Raw Meat Chewing Original Moondog!

"Moondog" Lonnie Mayne did things from the heart and proved crazy doesn’t mean crazy if there’s a method behind the madness. This is his memorable story.

Wrestler Cameos in Music Videos

Music videos were one of the main aspects that brought the then-WWE into the limelight, and there have been wrestler cameos in music videos ever since.

The Greatest Royal Rumble Throwback Finish

The ending to the main event at The Greatest Royal Rumble was emulated by a finish that happened more than thirty years before!

Ask PWS: “Who Is The Greatest Monster Heel?”

Canadian lumberjack Jos LeDuc terrorized as a crazy man bent on revenge against top babyfaces like Jerry Lawler & Bob Armstrong as the best heel wrestler.
Jim Cornette is No. 2 on our list of greatest managers of all time. Cornette remains a vital part of wrestling history and the wrestling industry overall through his podcasts, The Jim Cornette Experience and Jim Cornette's Drive-Thru. (Photo: WWE.com)

The Top 10 Wrestling Managers of All Time (and the Five...

While wrestling managers are now out of favor with WWE, some of the best performers haven't been wrestlers: They've been the guys at ringside, getting heat.

On the Road with ‘Captain’ Lou Albano

Lou Albano was one of those immortal heel managers who is forever etched in our memory. Here are his stories on Wrestling, Acting, Drugs and Rock and Roll.