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Paul Orndorff – A Wonderful Athlete

Years before vignettes showed Mr. Perfect excelling at various sports, Paul Orndorff was doing the same thing, only for real!

Bob Backlund and the Time He Humbled a Heckling Truck Driver...

As one heckling truck driver once learned in a bar in Florida in 1975, never take Bob Backlund and his kindness as a weakness!

Bob Backlund and Bret Hart | Their Feud and Hart’s Most...

Bret Hart refers to his 'I Quit' match with Bob Backlund as his worst of all time. Here's what these two legends have to say about their 8-month feud.

Pedro Morales – WWE’s Forgotten Champion

Pedro Morales was the first-ever triple crown champion in WWE history though is rarely acknowledged by WWE despite his place in company history.

The Greatest Royal Rumble Throwback Finish

The ending to the main event at The Greatest Royal Rumble was emulated by a finish that happened more than thirty years before!

Wrestling and Politics: Strange Bedfellows

Wrestling and Politics can be fraught with backroom deals and double-crosses, shady associations and enormous egos. See why many wrestlers pursue politics!