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Eddie Sharkey - The trainer of professional wrestling champions. [design: JP Zarka / ProWrestlingStories.com]

Eddie Sharkey – Trainer of Wrestling Champions, Last of a Dying...

From training some of the greatest wrestlers in the business to gouging out eyes alongside Harley Race, Eddie Sharkey is the last of a dying breed.
Mad Max | 9 Undeniable Times Its Movies Inspired Pro Wrestling

Mad Max | 9 Undeniable Times Its Movies Inspired Pro Wrestling

Mad Max has been around for over 40 years, and during that time, the franchise has had a lot of influence on the world of professional wrestling.
Vince McMahon is not one to let his guard down. However, there was this one time...

Vince McMahon Goes Wild The Night Before Drug Testing

Vince McMahon doesn't let his guard down often. However, just before drug testing was implemented in the WWF, Vince got wild (and then some)!

Randy Savage and Road Warrior Hawk | Their Heated Real-Life Battle

Randy Savage and Road Warrior Hawk got into it on two different occasions which led to an ugly battle in court and Hawk's wife sustaining permanent damage.

The Great American Bash: Pride, Patriotism & Pain from NWA to...

Dusty Rhodes had his finger on the pulse of the business during the 1980s. His idea of The Great American Bash was an unqualified success.

Death of Dusty Rhodes Two Years Later, Wrestling Still Feels the...

It's been two years since the death of Dusty Rhodes due to stomach cancer, and we still realize there is no replacement for The American Dream.

The Spoiler Don Jardine: The Man Who Trained the Undertaker

Before there was the Undertaker, or the Wrestlemania streak, before there was even a "Mean" Mark Callous, there was Mark Calaway trained by The Spoiler.