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Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior - WrestleMania 6

Hogan Hogan and Ultimate Warrior | The True Story of WrestleMania...

WrestleMania 6 pitted champions Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior against one another, causing a divide amongst the fans and those involved backstage.
The Ultimate Warrior glides in the air towards his opponent, Orlando Jordan, in what would be Warrior's final-ever match. Nu Wrestling Evolution, Barcelona, Spain, June 25, 2008.

The Ultimate Warrior and The Story of His Final Ever Match

Ultimate Warrior, after making homophobic remarks just 3 years prior, finished off his career in poetic fashion against the openly bisexual, Orlando Jordan.

Papa Shango | Why Charles Wright Hated Playing The Role

Wrestler Charles Wright opens up about his memorable botched WrestleMania 8 run-in and why he didn't like his Papa Shango character.

Ultimate Warrior and Sting | Their Broken Relationship and Fall Out

Ultimate Warrior and Sting started out in the business together in 1985 but never spoke highly of one another after. Here, both men tell all.

Warrior on His Initial Refusal To Enter the WWE Hall of...

In 2010, Warrior declined the initial offer to take part in the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony due to clashes with Vince McMahon. Here's an explanation why.

Bobby Heenan and Ultimate Warrior – A War of Words!

Not everyone in the wrestling industry gets along. Not by a long shot! Take for instance the disdain between Bobby Heenan and Ultimate Warrior...

The Forgotten POWERTEAM USA: Justice and Flash!

Filed under the forgotten category, here is how Ultimate Warrior and Sting got their start under the guise of Powerteam USA

Ultimate Warrior Lets Down a Make-A-Wish Kid on His Dying Wish

Bret Hart shares the unfortunate story of the time Ultimate Warrior let a Make-a-Wish kid down on one of his final wishes.