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Powerteam USA!

The Forgotten POWERTEAM USA: Justice and Flash!

Originally a bodybuilder, Jim Hellwig turned to professional wrestling and was trained by Red Bastien and Rick Bassman to join a team which came to be known as Powerteam USA. This short-lived team both debuted and disbanded in 1985 in the California wrestling territories. Powerteam USA was managed by Rick Bassman and also consisted of bodybuilders ‘Flash’ Steve Borden ‘Commando/Major’ Mark Miller, ‘The Glory’ Garland Donoho and ‘The Fury’ Ed Brock as they tried to break into the wrestling business. Donoho and Miller didn’t last long and quit due to lack of success and business know-how.

Soon after, Justice & Flash, the Freedom Fighters, would be rebranded as The Blade Runners – Rock aka Jim Justice & Sting aka Flash Borden under the management of Dutch Mantel, which was a team that ran rampant in the Continental Wrestling Association and UWF until disbanding as a tag team in 1986.

The Bladerunners

After splitting, Hellwig moved on to World Class Championship Wrestling, where he became known as The Dingo Warrior, laying the foundation for his famous ‘Ultimate Warrior’ gimmick in the WWF & later WCW.

Sting remained in Mid-South and under the tutelage of Eddie Gilbert for a while before turning face. He would later move on to WCW, TNA and then, of course, WWE.


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