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Jesse Ventura puts his hand over Vince McMahon's mouth

Jesse Ventura – How He Sued Vince McMahon, Won, and Worked...

Jesse Ventura is only but a few people to have taken Vince McMahon to court and won. As a result, McMahon made a vow which ultimately he didn't stick to.

The Original Screwjob – How Vince and Moolah Screwed Wendi Richter

It was the original well-planned manipulation by Vince McMahon. The Original Screwjob and how Vince and Moolah screwed Wendi Richter.

Wrestling and Politics: Strange Bedfellows

Wrestling and Politics can be fraught with backroom deals and double-crosses, shady associations and enormous egos. See why many wrestlers pursue politics!

DONALD TRUMP’s Contribution to WWE History

Current POTUS Donald Trump's contribution to WWE started in 1988. Find out how much he's done and why wrestlers love and protect him.