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Lou Thesz was a shrewd businessman in and out of the ring.

Lou Thesz INC. – The Arcane Business Ventures of a Champion...

Lou Thesz: World Champion wrestler, real estate mogul, interior designer? Dive into the lesser-known side of this renaissance man!
The notorious “Chicago Short Count” screwjob - a name many fans call the match between Gorgeous George and Chief Don Eagle from May 26th, 1950 at Chicago's International Amphitheater.

Gorgeous George and the Don Eagle ‘Chicago Short Count’ Screwjob

The Chief Don Eagle Screwjob of 1950 - a double-cross where the promoter denies nothing with the one and only Gorgeous George in the middle of it all.

Jack Donovan Deal – One of Wrestling’s Most Heinous Attacks

In 1973, "Dandy” Jack Donovan got in a situation that almost turned deadly. It changed the careers of Tojo Yamamoto, Jerry Jarrett and Jackie Fargo forever.

Wrestling’s Gay History and Fabulous Future

Becoming more familiar with the queer history of wrestling makes one realize what a different product it would be today without gay culture.

Randy Savage and Road Warrior Hawk | Their Heated Real-Life Battle

Randy Savage and Road Warrior Hawk got into it on two different occasions which led to an ugly battle in court and Hawk's wife sustaining permanent damage.