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Behind-the-Scenes: STEVE AUSTIN and SHAWN MICHAELS at Wrestlemania XIV


Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin discuss the behind-the-scenes build-up to their Wrestlemania 14 main event match [Photo courtesy of]

It is no secret that Shawn Michaels was in a bad place during the lead up to March 29, 1998’s Wrestlemania main event against ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin. Shawn had broken his back at the Royal Rumble earlier that January after taking a severe bump to the outside off of Undertaker’s casket [see 7-minute mark]. Behind-the-scenes, Shawn was not an easy person to get along with and was doing everything in his power to politic against dropping the belt to Austin. Many did not take this lightly, including the Undertaker, who stood stoically in Gorilla Position with fists wrapped ready to confront Michaels had he not done the honors for Austin after the match [click here for this story].

On a January 2015 family-friendly episode of The Steve Austin Show. “The Texas Rattlesnake” was asked about his experiences working with Shawn Michaels:

“It was a real pain even getting to the match, and Shawn will tell you this, he wasn’t in a good place, physically or mentally,” Austin said of their WrestleMania 14 match. “He had a real bad attitude on him and didn’t feel like dropping the strap.” Austin would, of course, go on to win the WWF Title at the event.

Austin elaborated on HBK’s attitude, specifying an open workout in Boston in which Michaels was hit with a battery which sent him over the edge. Neither he nor Mike Tyson, who was also present, knew if Michaels would come back to the workout after leaving.

Despite the outcome of the match, Austin wasn’t happy with it.

“I walked out of that thing as WWE Champion, but I told Vince that match was the drizzling shits,” Austin said. He noted that Vince assured him it was fine and they accomplished what they needed to.

Where was Michael’s psyche at the time? Why was he being the biggest prick in the world? Read on to find out from the man himself!


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