WWE Shop: 8 of the Most Bizarre Items Ever Sold!

You can find about anything on WWE Shop, from quality merchandise to straight-up oddities. We’ve done some digging and found some of the strangest ones!

1. WWE Championship Waffle Maker

One pattern you will notice is how WWE goes wild for kitchen appliances and holiday decorations.

This list starts with the WWE Championship Waffle Maker, possibly the strangest item currently sold in the shop.

The WWE Championship Waffle Maker from WWE Shop.
The WWE Championship Waffle Maker from WWE Shop. [Photo: WWEShop.com]
Made by Pangea, it is seemingly always on sale for $29.99. Who wouldn’t want to begin their day by eating a literal “breakfast of champions” made by an appliance from the WWE shop?

WWE’s product description highlights how the maker will light up when it is ready for the batter and finished, so there are “no false finishes” when making breakfast.

In addition, their temperature settings allow you to control the crispiness of your waffle.

They sure don’t waffle about in their hype for this curious gadget.

2. WWF Cologne

WWF Cologne set from WWE Shop.
WWF Cologne set from WWE Shop. [Photo: Sportskeeda.com]
What was WWE’s marketing team thinking when they released the WWF Attitude Era Cologne for men and Eau De Toilette for women in 1998?

First, the product had a hilarious commercial that aired all over television.

YouTube video

The WWF-scented cologne and perfume slogan, “Pure Attitude In A Bottle,” lives up to its name as the product that once sold for $19.99 now sells for more than $200 in some cases.

Reportedly, WCW’s scented cologne inspired it.

“Can you smell what The Rock is wearing?” the commercial asked.

According to the WrestleCrap forum, users who claim to have bought the cologne swear it smells excellent.

At $200 a pop, most of us will never know.

3. WWE Pizza Prints

Would you do it if you could add an image of your favorite WWE superstars to your pizza?

You could be eating a slice of pizza and Randy Orton!

WWE Pizza Prints are off-and-on available on WWE Shop.
WWE Pizza Prints are off-and-on available on WWE Shop. [Photo: Sportskeeda.com]
In 2011, WWE signed a deal with Pizza Prints, which affixes images to pizzas and birthday cakes. WWE signed for two exclusive images, one of which is seen above.

According to Pizza Prints, the images are made of “starches and FDA-approved edible food colors while the natural cheese flavor of the image complements the pizza.”

While available, the prints were also obtainable at over 1,200 pizza shops across the U.S.

WWE sporadically sold pizza prints in the shop for a few years before discontinuing the bizarre item.

4. WWF Maximum Sweat Action Figures

WWF Maximum Sweat Action Figures are exactly what they sound like- sweating action figures.

You fill them with water, and they ooze “sweat.”

WWF Maximum Sweat Action Figures formerly sold on WWE Shop.
WWF Maximum Sweat Action Figures formerly sold on WWE Shop. [Photo: Drakezeus.ecrater.com]
The toy line was a short-lived series of four releases from Jakks Pacific in 1999, and you can find them on eBay pretty easily for about $25.

One of the weirdest things about these figures is the monster-like look that each superstar has- not to mention the ungodly amount of “sweat” that poured from these figures’ bodies and would get all over the user’s hands.

This wasn’t for everyone.

5. Retro WWF Toaster Oven

For only $26, you could be toasting your bread, bagels, and more inside the Retro WWF Toaster Oven.

The Retro WWF Toaster Oven from WWE Shop.
The Retro WWF Toaster Oven from WWE Shop. [Photo: WWEShop.com]
The toaster, currently sold on WWE Shop and made by Uncanny, burns the vintage WWF logo into your bread.

In addition, the product description claims that it will make your bread “kick out [of the toaster] at 2”.

Whatever that means.

The toaster features two different modes and an adjustable temperature gauge.

If you’re looking for a new toaster, look no further than this strange piece of memorabilia.

6. John Cena Nutcracker

The John Cena Nutcracker sold on WWE Shop.
The John Cena Nutcracker sold on WWE Shop. [Photo: WorthPoint.com]
WWE goes crazy for holiday decorations. And this is probably the weirdest one they’ve ever produced.

WWE has made dozens of other holiday items such as ornaments, cookie cutters, stockings, and more; however, the John Cena Nutcracker that looks nothing like Cena is on another level of weird.

Between the hair and mustache, this nutcracker will frighten small children rather than remind them of the 16-time World Champion.

It was featured in a Sports Illustrated article that compiled all the worst sports-related gifts you could buy for somebody. Ouch!

7. Hulk Hogan Camera

The disposable Hulk Hogan Camera is one of the rarest and least practical items the WWE has ever released to the public.

The disposable Hulk Hogan Camera was formerly available on WWE Shop.
The disposable Hulk Hogan Camera was formerly available on WWE Shop. [Photo: WorthPoint.com]
A picture of Hogan flexing his 24-inch pythons appears in the corner of every photo. Imagine taking a family portrait and breaking out from the corner of the picture is a giant Hulk Hogan!

Whether or not a flexing Hulkster would ruin or make your photo is up to you.

Interestingly, this is a rare and now pricey piece of memorabilia.

8. WWE Championship Coffee Maker and Mug Set

The WWE Championship Coffee Maker and Mug Set is sold on WWE Shop.
The WWE Championship Coffee Maker and Mug Set is sold on WWE Shop. [Photo: WWEShop.com]
Finally, there’s the WWE Championship Coffee Maker and Mug Set made by Uncanny. Sold for $29.99, it seems like a simple enough coffee maker.

However, would you go to the WWE shop on your quest for your next coffee maker? You’d think that a wrestling company would be the last place to look for one.

But hey, as long as it’s there, why not snag one and be the envy of your wrestling buddies?

So, did any of these pieces of merchandise catch your eye?

As they say, “One fan’s garbage is another fan’s treasure!” Some of these curiosities may already be sitting on your shelf.

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