Savio Vega – How The Kliq Tried to Get Him Fired from the WWF

During his time with the then-WWF, Savio Vega was targeted by The Kliq due to a rib gone too far. Savio breaks down what happened and how his friend Yokozuna stepped in backstage to put The Kliq in their place.

Savio Vega sounds off against Kevin Nash’s claim that an airplane prank was the reason Vega was let go from WWF back in the ’90s.
Savio Vega sounds off against Kevin Nash’s claim that an airplane prank was the reason Vega was let go from WWF back in the ’90s.

Was Savio Vega Targeted by The Kliq Due to a Rib?

We posted a story where Kevin Nash inferred that Savio Vega was let go from WWE due to a prank Savio pulled on Shawn Michaels and Scott Hall on an overseas flight back in ’95 or ’96.

Here is the exact quote Kevin Nash made:

"I remember when Savio cut Scott and Shawn’s hair. Like took a little piece of the mullet! I don’t think Shawn or Scott fell asleep on a plane after that. Savio didn’t either. I don’t think he was around much longer after that. I think he was pretty much, ‘Adios, amigos!’ because Scott brought him in! Scott brought him in as his buddy from Puerto Rico. I don’t give a f*** what they did to him; you don’t [do that]. I guess he didn’t know what the food chain was."

Savio Vega has since shot back and reached out to us on Twitter. This is what he had to say:

Savio Vega tweet about The Kliq and Kevin Nash

The point he was trying to make was: "Kevin Nash is not telling the truth. I didn’t get fired. Why is he not saying that the Kliq planned to get me fired? Yokozuna heard what happened and more."

Savio Vega Claims WWE’s The Kliq Planned to Take Him Out

In 2015, Pro Wrestling Stories had an interview with Savio Vega where we talked about a variety of topics, including his rise to stardom in Puerto Rico, being a witness to the murder of Bruiser Brody, his time in WWF, the 1995 King of the Ring tournament, being the first person to hand singles losses to The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin, and of course, the stranglehold of the Kliq backstage where the conversation of how they tried to mastermind Savio out of the company came up.

We’ve heard Kevin Nash’s side of the story, and now we hear what Savio has to say about it.

Yokozuna head shot showing a mad face. He stood up to WWE's The Kliq for Savio Vega
Yokozuna, a great friend who stood up to the Kliq when he overheard them allegedly masterminding a plan to get rid of Savio

Savio Vega Opens Up About WWE’s The Kliq:

"Shawn Michaels right now probably doesn’t feel, I don’t know, I don’t know what is going through his head. Maybe Shawn Michaels don’t feel happy because of the Kliq, you know? You got all those guys planning stuff, negative to others and positive to them. They got the owner [Vince McMahon] as we say, somebody’s sucking somebody! So, you know, they went after me. They were looking for an opportunity to get me fired. They don’t fire me because he said they were firing me, you know?  S*** happened, and they tried to manage a few things here and there.

I remember I was talking to Miguel Perez, my partner in Amaro Productions, about one time Vince had this big meeting with the talent in Connecticut. He flew everybody, all the talent [where everybody gave their ideas]. I remember now; they had it twenty-some years ago, we give the idea of having trainers – doctors that are on the road all the time, people to take care of the boys in the dressing room. We gave that idea twenty years ago. Now, twenty-some years later, they have it, you know? Before, we didn’t have no trainers in the dressing room, somebody who can take care of the guys. These kids now have all that stuff, which is good.

But at that meeting, they were planning how to take me out. It was Razor, Diesel, Shawn, Triple H, and Kid. They were talking about me, but they don’t know behind the wall in the dressing room was Yokozuna. Yoko got up, went straight to their table, and said, ‘You motherf***ers! You no-good son of bitches! Why you wanna do that to [Savio]? I mean, he just comes here to work, and you want to cost him his job? You are no good motherf***ers.’ And he just walked away.

Even if I’m not your friend and I hear something like that, brother, I say, ‘Why are you doing that? Why are you being so masterminded? Something negative to somebody else?’ You know? I mean, we all love wrestling. You want to be on top, making money. You want to be in the light and whatever and live that life, and here comes them thinking, ‘How are we going to take him out?’ Because you’re just simple and being an asshole, you know? So, they tried to do something.

That’s why I never win a title in WWF. They have a mind to put [Razor and me] with the titles, the tag team titles when Yoko and Owen was the champion, but Razor no want to do it because he said, ‘It’s a single man’s company, not a tag team company. So I don’t want to be the tag team champion.’ I said, ‘Razor, just bring me the titles, let me represent, maybe make a little bit more money later.’

He was like, ‘No, no, no, no, no!’ And they never did it. S*** happens."

Savio Vega Celebrating Victory holding up the Puerto Rican Flag - We've got the scoop on the hotly contested feud between WWE's The Kliq and Savio Vega on why he was let go and if they were responsible. See who you believe.
Savio Vega, one of Puerto Rico’s finest

Savio Vega opens up on whether or not having 26 championships in other promotions, but none in WWE bothered him:

"Now, you know, it doesn’t bother me. It only bothers me on the point that I could have made some other money, of course—but not being a champion there? Well, they have their reasons, whatever they had, you know? Like I always say, because maybe I’m Puerto Rican? I don’t know. But not just because of that, because you have the Colón’s who win titles there. You have Pedro Morales, who was the champion for almost three years, something like that. And back in the days, Puerto Ricans were big-time in Madison Square Garden, and Pedro Morales was the big man at that time. But, why they don’t want to be put the title on Savio? I don’t know exactly. Right now, anybody can be a champion. They have so many titles, so many guys. So, I don’t know. I’m okay, to be honest."

Savio Vega with WWE's The Kliq member Razor Ramon walking away from the ring
The friendship of Savio Vega and Razor Ramon played out on our screens in 1995. According to Savio, they could have made a really great pair of tag team champions and were bound to be until Razor put a stop to that.

Was there a falling out between Savio Vega and Scott Hall?

"Scott was in the hospital, I came to Orlando when I was in TNA, and when I flew there, I told them to fly me the day before so I could go straight to the hospital to visit him. I saw him with all this stuff in his body or whatever, and we had a hug, and we cried together. We prayed there, you know, so he could get well. And he went out, and he got well and went down and went up and down, up and down. So, I mean, this is cold, you know? I think we’re okay, I guess! I don’t know- From my point? We’re okay."

WWE's The Kliq hugging after their last tag team cage match ruining Kayfabe forever
The Curtain Call

On how The Kliq was against anything that didn’t benefit them:

"Listen, nobody liked the Kliq because they just wanna, you know, they were sucking a big cock-a-roo like we say before! And the point here is, you remember they did the [Curtain Call] at Madison Square Garden when Razor and Diesel left? When Triple H went to the ring? They come and hug and kiss and bulls*** like that in front of the fans when you’re supposed to believe in the bulls*** wrestling ga-ga? You know? You have got the heels and babyfaces kissing each other. What the heck was that? I mean, why in this kind of business did someone not say to Triple H, ‘Hey, get the hell out of here!’ You know? So, it’s like you got the ruler [Vince] mentioning one thing but not mentioning another."

You can hear the entire interview we had with Savio Vega below:


YouTube video

PART 2 (scroll over to 20 minutes, 13 seconds in to hear the part we transcribed above):

YouTube video

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