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Published on May 14th, 2016 | by Pro Wrestling Stories


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KEVIN NASH: Never Fall Asleep on a Flight!”

Traveling Overseas, The Implied Reason Savio Vega Left WWE, Yokozuna’s Ass, No-Sell Undertaker, Popping Pills Like Candy and More…


Kevin Nash shoots on a variety of topics [Photo courtesy of Kayfabe Commentaries]

Kevin Nash has done it all and seen it all in and around the business of professional wrestling, and when it comes to stories on the road, he’s never short of them. In a recent shoot interview with Kayfabe Commentaries, Nash unleashed a host of stories including why you should never fall asleep on a flight, the implied reason why Savio Vega was let go from WWE in 1998, what it was like sitting next to 600-pound plus Yokozuna and the Undertaker in the back of an airplane, and so much more. We hope you enjoy today’s edition of Pro Wrestling Stories. If you do, give this a share on social media and us a follow on Twitter or Facebook to keep up with the latest!

Wrestlers on a Plane – Always Insanity

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Savio Vega and Scott ‘Razor Ramon’ Hall in happier times, before the mullet cutting incident!

“For an overseas flight, in fact, it didn’t even have to be overseas, if it was over two hours, number one, if you fucking fall asleep on an overseas flight, you were fucked! Minimum, you were going to have a shaving cream turban, missing an eyebrow and your sunglasses superglued to your face. I mean, you were going to have a sharpie fucking Hitler mustache if you didn’t have a mustache. You were going to get fucked with.

I remember when Savio cut Scott [Hall] and Shawn [Michael]’s hair. Like fucking took a little piece of the mullet! I don’t think Shawn or Scott fell asleep on a plane after that, Savio didn’t either. I don’t think he was around much longer after that. I think he was pretty much, ‘Adios, amigos!’ because fucking Scott brought him in! Scott brought him in as his buddy from Puerto Rico. I don’t give a fuck what they did to him, you don’t fucking [do that]. I guess he didn’t know what the food chain was.”

Many wrestlers used to opt to fly in coach over first class. Even big men like the Undertaker and Yokozuna used to sit in the back of the plane. For one, it stopped arguments over the pecking order. Just ask The Hardy Boys what happens when you take a first class seat over a veteran! Not only was sitting in coach a way to avoid Wrestler’s Court, for some, sitting in the back of the plane was just more comfortable.


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