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The Life and Legacy of the Dynamite Kid

His reputation was tarnished but The Dynamite Kid leaves behind an amazing legacy of being one of the most influential in-ring performers of all time.

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They Called Him The Crippler: The Life and Death of Chris...

Chris Benoit was a lot of things in his life, but no matter how talented he was, it will always be overshadowed by his death and the murder of his wife.

DYNAMITE KID Gets Teeth Knocked Out with a Roll of Quarters!

Sometimes wrestlers just don't get along and feuds aren't always left in the ring. Here's the time Dynamite Kid got blasted after Jacques Rougeau had enough

BRITISH BULLDOGS: Wrestling’s Cruelest Locker Room ‘Bullies’

The British Bulldogs Davey Boy Smith and The Dynamite Kid were known for their hijinks in and out of the ring, some of these stories are just plain cruel.