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I got ahold of the new book Good Advice From Professional Wrestling: Full Contact Life Lessons by D.X. Ferris and Darren Paltrowitz a few weeks ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s a book written with a lot of passion and heart behind it. Many books on wrestling feature the dark side of what happens once those cameras stop rolling–drug abuse, debauchery, womanizing, etc. Due to the unique lifestyle professional wrestlers live, often more than 300 days away from home a year, they have seen their fair share of life’s ups and downs. Of course, these types of stories capture the interest and imagination of so many fans. Hell, in a lot of ways, it was stories like these that influenced the creation of this very site. But on the other side of things, you’ve got these larger than life heroes and villains in the ring who are just like you and me outside of it, imperfect people who make mistakes and learn from them, who also have a hell of a story to share. Who better to get life advice from than from those who have experienced a hell of a lot of life’s trials and tribulations? That’s where this book comes in. You will find yourself thinking very differently after reading this unique offering including guidance by many legends of the ring from Diamond Dallas Page, Vince McMahon, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Ric Flair, and so much more.

The front cover of the new book Good Advice From Professional Wrestling: Full Contact Life Lessons, released April 2019

“You don’t have to like wrestling. You don’t have to respect it. But if you don’t understand it, you will lose. If you do study it and learn from it, it can teach you to win.”

– D.X. Ferris (author)

Sunday, April 7, 2019, not only marked WrestleMania 35 but also the release of Good Advice From Professional Wrestling: Full Contact Life Lessons From The Pinnacle Performance Art, a new book by authors Darren Paltrowitz and D.X. Ferris. The book debuted at #1 on the Kindle Store’s New Releases in Wrestling Books chart on Amazon, giving Paltrowitz and Ferris an immediate run as “Motivational Tag Team Champions.”

Whether you’re a fan, teacher, salesman, or landscaper, Good Advice From Professional Wrestling is an entertaining guide on how to get over and improve your life, one step at a time.

The book’s foreword was written by WWE Hall of Famer and international fitness guru Diamond Dallas Page.

“DDP is a hero and role model for both of us,” explains co-author Ferris, a teacher and award-winning writer. “Life coaches like Tony Robbins and Tim Ferriss are great, but I like figures like DDP. He encourages you to think big, and he has a realistic attack: You improve by committing to productive habits. You reach one goal at a time. That’s our approach.”

Good Advice From Professional Wrestling concludes with a list of ten habits and practices that famous wrestlers use to become successful, which readers can start today.

“Professional wrestling is much more sophisticated than most people will give it credit for,” says co-author Paltrowitz, who in addition to authoring other works, is a podcast host. “When done well, it communicates on a universal level, much like music or film. I wanted to spotlight some of the great men and women behind wrestling, and also emphasize its cultural impact.”

The book features wisdom from over 40 wrestling-world greats of today and yesteryear, and archival quotes from rising stars to all-time greats like movie star Dave “Bautista” Batista, rock singer and Hall of Fame inductee Lita, MLW star Salina de la Renta, AEW co-founders Cody Rhodes & the Young Bucks, WWE counterculture iconoclasts Daniel Bryan & CM Punk, accredited dentist and AEW marquee talent Britt Baker, the late Rowdy Roddy Piper, rock star Billy Corgan, and ECW mastermind Paul Heyman.

Grab yourself a copy today: Paperback / Kindle Edition

Be sure to also check out author Darren Paltrowitz’s entertaining podcast ‘Paltrocast’ on iTunes or PureGrainAudio.

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