Survivor Series 1990: WWE’s Memorable Thanksgiving Misfire


Survivor Series 1990 was a memorable night in professional wrestling history. Not only was it the first time the world got a glimpse of the Undertaker, it was also the night of an iconic fail.

A crowd shot from Survivor Series 1990, where WWE's memorable Thanksgiving misfire took place

In the latter part of 1990, the then-WWF was heavily hyping an unhatched egg on television broadcasts leading up to the Survivor Series 1990 pay-per-view. Curiosity was building and, funny enough, this became the most anticipated part of the evening. What was in the egg?

“Things are really heating up,” Mean Gene Okerlund hyped up to the crowd.

As the fans waited in anticipation, Mean Gene continued his buildup. “You know when it’s so hot so long, that means that the incubation is all over and that means all of us are looking forward to seeing this giant egg. Wherever this egg comes from, that had to hurt!”

Okerlund’s comedy hour continued. “Oh, this cracks me up! I can begin to see it cracking now. Everybody has speculated as to what might be in the egg. Is it a dinosaur? Is it a rabbit? Balloons? Is it the Playmate of the Month?”

The crowd roared with excitement, if only for a moment.

The world soon found out that it wasn’t a Playmate. No, it was none other than the Gobbledy Gooker, one of WWE’s worst failed gimmicks of all time.

The moment the “bird” emerged from the egg, apathetic boos emanated from the crowd. It wasn’t the sort of boo that could cause a landslide but more of a, “Did you seriously try to insult our intelligence by thinking this would entertain us?” – if that thought could make a sound.

Mean Gene went on to interview the Gobbledy Gooker, but by this point, the crowd had lost interest.

So what did the man behind the mask, Hector Guerrero (brother of Eddie), have to say about this memorable misfire at Survivor Series 1990?

“The Gobbledy Gooker was a good idea and the author of that idea deserves to be left alone.

That was meant for the kids – not for the media, not for the adults that booed it, jeered it, saying it was one of the worst gimmicks ever.

I teach children, I work with children, and you guys need to understand that I’m very passionate about this because people have made a mockery of it, have used it as a nail against Vince McMahon. And that’s not right.

It was a good idea, it was a right idea…maybe at the wrong place and the wrong time…but it needs to be clarified and put [down] in history that that was a good thing.”

Hector may be one of the few to hold this opinion, but we appreciate why he would feel this way.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow (at the time of this writing). Let us be thankful for the entertainment that brings us all together and for campy moments like this one where we can all cringe together in unison.

Relive all the greatness (and cringe-worthiness) of the unveiling of the Gobbledy Gooker below from Survivor Series 1990:

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