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Mad Dog Vachon Shoot Fight Stories – An Animal in and Out of the Ring!

Mad Dog Vachon was one of the old-school badasses of professional wrestling. In the ring, he was known for his wild personality and uncontrollable character. As you will soon learn, this was not far off from how this WWE Hall of Famer was in real life, too!

Mad Dog Vachon - One of wrestling's toughest badasses

Mad Dog Vachon – One of wrestling’s toughest badasses [Photo courtesy of Mad Dog Vachon’s Facebook page]

Joseph Maurice Régis Vachon, best known by his ring name Mad Dog Vachon, was a Canadian professional wrestler and 36-year veteran of the ring. He was the brother of wrestlers Paul and Vivian Vachon, and the uncle of wrestler Luna Vachon. He was an exceptional grappler and an accomplished freestyle wrestler to boot, once beating the then-Indian champion in 58 seconds at the 1948 Olympics at age 18. He ranked 7th place overall during those Olympic games after losing against the eventual silver medalist. It was at these Olympic games where Vachon had a chance encounter with American Greco-Roman competitor, Verne Gagne. In 1950, Vachon bounced back and earned a gold medal at the British Empire Games in New Zealand. Before joining the pro wrestling circuit in 1951, he spent several years working as a bouncer at a Montreal nightclub where he gained notoriety for being willing to fight anyone.

Never one to pass up on a good scuffle, there are plenty of great stories to share of Mad Dog Vachon and his antics on the road.

These particular stories below, shared by Bobby Heenan in a Spotshow Wrestling interview alongside Jim Cornette, are amongst our favorites and show just how short a fuse Mad Dog Vachon had!

“In 1969, Lanza, Bill Watts, Mad Dog, his brother Butcher and I were at the bar. Nice family.

You know what Dog told me? He says, ‘I love my name. Do you know what it is spelled backward?’ (laughs)

So we’re at the bar and this drunken Canadian mark comes up to us and he wants to fool with Watts! Of course, they always pick the biggest guy. Watts had this big old cowboy hat on and looked like Cowboy Freddy from Omaha Tuesday, a kid’s show.

So he starts messing with Watts and somehow he gets into it with Mad Dog! So Mad Dog goes to the guy and the guy moves and Mad Dog cracks his head on a wooden post in the middle of the bar. His head just opens up, no blood! Just a red crease in his head! And Dog turns to the guy and he says, ‘Now we’re going to have some fun!’

He gets the guy down, he reaches in, and he starts pulling the guy’s eye out! And Butcher, his brother, tries to pull him off. They finally get him off and Dog was just biting the guy [on the face]. It was like something you’ve never seen.

The guy behind the bar says, ‘I wonder what would have happened if he messed with the big guy!’ (laughs)

But Dog is a tough man.

“Mad Dog Vachon had the guy down and he starts pulling the guy’s eye out! He then started biting the guy on the face. It was like something you’ve never seen!”

We were in Denver one night and went out to eat. We were at this spot kind of like a Denny’s.

Mad Dog is sitting at the table by himself not bothering anybody, and some guy sits down with him and says, ‘Maurice Mad Dog Vachon. Can I talk to you for a second?’

The Dog looks at him and says, ‘You are about to make the biggest mistake of your life!’

He wipes off his fork and the guy leaves.

The guy goes across the street where four of his friends are waiting for him. So Mad Dog calls his brother Paul and tells him, ‘I’m at this restaurant down by the Riveria Hotel. Drive down to meet me. We’re going to have some fun!’ So Paul “Butcher” Vachon gets in a cab and heads down there.

Paul was the real big one but Dog was the killer.

So the Dog walks outside the restaurant and goes across the street to the group of guys so he can walk through them. One guy stops him and says. ‘Do you have a light?’ So Mad Dog reaches in his pocket to act as if he’s going for a light, and picks the guy up like he was going to body slam him and starts running with him trying to throw him through a plate-glass window.

And he trips!

He’s mad now so he kicked the guy so hard that he tore the tip off of his wing-tipped shoes! Do you know how hard it is to tear the tip off of a wing-tipped shoe??!

So Paul finally arrives and there are bodies all over the place and it looks like Beirut – and Mad Dog tells Paul, ‘I’m sorry you missed out on your fun!’

Mad Dog Vachon was a dog. He was an animal!”

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