OLE ANDERSON Worker Puts Gun to the Back of His Head

It’s no secret, Ole Anderson was a bit of a jerk. Okay, not just a bit. The former Four Horseman and wrestling promoter was a massive jerk. All it takes is a quick peruse on Google to find countless first-hand accounts claiming just this. Ole Anderson was horrible! – Bobby Heenan. Ole Anderson used the N-word all the time. – Teddy Long.

In the highly recommended book, Inside Out: How Corporate America Destroyed Professional Wrestling, Anderson, with the help of co-author Scott Teal, pulls no punches and shares many stories on his time in the business. One story from the book, in particular, stands out –

The time Ole Anderson upset one of his workers to the point of them taking a gun out and placing it to the back of his head.

May this be a lesson learned for all: don’t make a joke about the dead!

Ole Anderson, black and white wrestling headshot
Ole Anderson- The grouchiest man in the business


“When one of the guys wanted time off because his grandmother had died, I started to grill him. ‘What are you going to do – resurrect her from the dead?’

He stammered. He didn’t know how to respond.

‘If you wanna work, then let’s get to work,’ I suggested.

As I walked away, the guy pulled a gun out of his bag and aimed it at the back of my head. I didn’t know about it until Stan Hansen and some of the guys told me about it later. I asked Stan, ‘Why didn’t somebody warn me?’

He just grinned and said, ‘We wanted to see if he would actually shoot you…'” 

The logos of ‘Pensacola Wrestling’ throughout the years: Southeastern Championship Wrestling (1974-85), Continental Championship Wrestling (‘85-88), and the Continental Wrestling Federation (‘88-89)

Whether Ole Anderson learned a tough lesson after this experience or not, I know we all have: don’t speak ill of the dead!

SOURCE: ‘Inside Out: How Corporate America Destroyed Professional Wrestling’ by Ole Anderson/Scott Teal

Quote above shared here with thanks to Matt Pender and our friends over at Wrestling’s Glory Days’ Facebook page

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