Chris Jericho on John Cena’s Unexpected Rescue in Alaska

John Cena and Chris Jericho having a cozy time together in Alaska? Definitely not something we expected, but it turned out to be quite a heartwarming journey! Even better, John saved the day for two individuals in need.

Chris Jericho and John Cena share the heartwarming tale of their time together in Alaska.
Chris Jericho and John Cena share the heartwarming tale of their time together in Alaska.

Dr. John Cena, Saver of Marriages

The following humorous excerpt about John Cena comes from the third literary release from Chris Jericho entitled, The Best in the World: At What I Have No Idea:

“The WWE had been promoting my return for a week with an amazing video package they’d put together using footage from Download that made Fozzy look like the biggest band on the planet, and the crowd was pumped and ready to see me.

“I started the show doing a promo with John Cena, and the fans responded to me like a babyface right off the bat.

“The promo went great, as did our main-event match; it was always fun to work with him.

“It was also fun to share a few cocktails together, so we went out for a few celebratory drinks after the show.

“The night ended up being pretty tame, but that wasn’t always the case when the two of us were together.

“I’m not exactly Bon Scott, and I don’t drink all the time (despite what a lot of stories might suggest), but when I let loose, it’s not often someone bests me when the Yeah Boy’s (vodka and ice) are flowing.

“But much to my chagrin, whenever I’ve gone head to head with Cena on the drinking fields, I usually lose.

“I suffered my worst defeat to John Cena a few years earlier when we toured Alaska (despite it being forty degrees below zero, he wore jean shorts the whole time and never complained about the cold).

“After a show in Anchorage, we hit the bar to keep warm and went pretty hard for a few hours.

“There were plenty of fans hanging around, and John started counseling a troubled young couple, giving them marital advice like a beefy Dr. Phil.

“They were listening intently and, after some deep soul-searching, agreed with Dr. John that they were made for each other and should call off their impending divorce.

“Their marriage saved, we staggered back to my room to have a few more drinks.

When we got upstairs, I opened the door, and that’s the last thing I remembered until I woke up fully clothed under the covers of my bed a few hours later. I had no idea where I was and almost screamed when I saw a dark figure sitting in the corner of the room.

“As my bloodshot eyes adjusted to the light, I realized the dark figure was John Cena, still drinking and scrolling through my iPod.

“In the ultimate show of drinking dominance, John had taken off my shoes, tucked me into bed, and was drinking MY beer while listening to MY tunes.

“Cena: 1

“Y2Loser: 0.”

“I just wanted to make sure you were alright, so I just kind of stayed up and crushed cold beers!”

John Cena with Chris Jericho sitting together on an airplane
Good guy, Dr. John Cena with Chris Jericho

On a special Live with Chris Jericho taping for the WWE Network in 2015, John Cena and Chris Jericho opened up about this very incident. Here is how their discussion went:

CHRIS JERICHO: “You are one of the few guys who drank me under the table. I still have problems with that!”

JOHN CENA: “Well, I have a few pound handicap on you! It’s not a one-sided thing. We’ve flipped the coin both ways!”

CHRIS JERICHO: “The best time was Alaska. Remember Alaska, when we were downstairs in the bar, and there was a married couple having some issues in their relationship, and you counseled them?”

JOHN CENA: “Oh my goodness…”

CHRIS JERICHO: “Do you remember this?”

JOHN CENA: “Yikes! Uh, yeahhh-ose, yeahh-ose… (yes and no)”

CHRIS JERICHO: “You counseled them because they were about ready to get a divorce, and they came to confide in the champ, John Cena. At one point, I wanted to leave the bar, and you were in another room counseling them. You were talking to them, and I was like, ‘Well, what were you doing?’ and you said, ‘Well, they have decided not to get a divorce!'”

JOHN CENA: “Man, oh, man…”

CHRIS JERICHO: “You forgot that one! But do you remember what happened at the end of that night, though?”

JOHN CENA: “Is that the night when I was just in your room?”


JOHN CENA: “Yeah… yeah… Well, I think after we had talked about what happened with that couple, I hope they’re doing well…”

CHRIS JERICHO: (laughs) “Dr. Cena!”

JOHN CENA: “We ended up going back to social activity, and I think the bar shut us down, and somehow we ended up with a cooler full of stuff…”

CHRIS JERICHO: “Yes, a cooler full of beers…”

JOHN CENA: “And we got the cooler…”

CHRIS JERICHO: “We carried it!”

JOHN CENA: “We carried the cooler up to your room…”

CHRIS JERICHO: “Like John Candy and Steve Martin pulling the trunk in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.”

JOHN CENA: “We had music playing, you know, having fun, doing whatever, and you’re asleep… so, I just wanted to make sure you were alright, so I just kind of stayed up and crushed cold beers!”

CHRIS JERICHO: “I woke up in bed, and I had not started in bed. I woke up you had tucked me in, had taken care of me, and I wake up, and there’s a figure in the corner, and I go, ‘What the hell!!?’ and it’s you. And you’re drinking beer.

For the extra stab in the back, you were listening to my iPod! I mean, what is this? You’re listening to my iPod, drinking beer, and I’m in bed tucked in with the sheet up to here. What were you listening to?” (laughs)

JOHN CENA: “It was good music! We used to listen to classic rock all the time…


JOHN CENA: “It was probably Free Bird…”

CHRIS JERICHO: “Yeah, exactly!”

JOHN CENA: “…it’s twenty-five minutes long, and I was waiting for it to finish!”

CHRIS JERICHO: “To Bill Brasky!”

JOHN CENA: “To Bill Brasky! We had a lot of good Bill Brasky nights. A lot of fun.”

CHRIS JERICHO: “Good times, man, good times…”

Watch the John Cena interview on “Live with Chris Jericho” in full below (this story starts around the 30-minute mark):

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