Edge and Christian – How They Ended Up in Wrestlers Court

Wrestlers Court is a very real collection of talent that meets when WWE employees need to hash out differences on the road. When Edge and Christian found themselves called into court for playing nice with the writers, things spiraled into a big problem after Bob Holly witnessed the Rated R Superstar giving a gift to former writer Brian Gewirtz.

Edge and Christian talk about the time they found themselves in Wrestlers Court. [Photo: WWE]
Edge and Christian talk about the time they found themselves in Wrestlers Court. [Photo: WWE]

How Edge and Christian Landed Themselves in Wrestlers Court

During their time in wrestling, Edge and Christian formed a friendship with former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz. As you could imagine, talent having this kind of relationship with a writer was generally not accepted backstage. However, it didn’t spiral into a big problem until Bob Holly witnessed Edge gifting Brian Gewirtz a Flash action figure he received at a signing from a fan. Gewirtz was a huge fan of The Flash, so this was looked upon as an act to get more TV time.

There was also a rumor circulating that Edge and Christian had gone over to Brian’s mother’s house along with Brian, where they all had a nice dinner together. The locker room wasn’t happy about this and, Bob Holly made a scene out of it. As a result, the boys were called to Wrestlers Court. It was the writer Brian Gewirtz who had the majority of the heat in this one.

Edge and Christian, along with Gewirtz, all revealed interesting details about this incident on an episode of Edge and Christian’s Pod of Awesomeness:

Edge: "I got a Flash figure, and I give it to Brian because I assumed because he wore the t-shirts that he was a Flash fan. I was like, ‘I got this, I don’t want it. I like Flash, but I’m a Thor guy and a Daredevil guy.’ So I give it to Brian. Bob Holly saw it, and the next thing you know, we’re going to wrestlers court! (laughs)"

Brian: "Yes, you gave me a Flash figure. That’s indisputable. The big rumor, though, was that, when we were in Nassau, Long Island, where I grew up, my mother invited the two of you to my childhood home (and we had) matzo ball soup."

Christian: "There was some sort of rumor that we were invited to your parent’s place, and we went there and had a big feast."

Brian: "Which would have been delightful, but that didn’t happen. But that raised the ire of a lot of people. You guys were completely prepared for it, that’s the thing."

Christian: "Well, we received an anonymous tip from, I don’t want to say his name here because I don’t want to incriminate him. We’ll call him ‘Burt Angel.’ We received a call from him in between towns. He’s like, ‘You guys didn’t get this call from me. You’re going to Wrestlers Court tomorrow.’ We’re like, ‘For what?’ ‘Uh, for kissing ass with the writers.’ We’re like, ‘Okay…’ ‘I just wanted to let you know, but you didn’t get this call. I’ve got to go,’ then he hung up (laughs). "

Brian: "Let’s just set the stage. Wrestlers Court is a time-honored tradition of self-policing within the locker room with the entire roster there. Not only the roster, but all the agents and referees, pretty much everybody, and I wasn’t told that. I was told, ‘It’s a rite of passage; you get pizza and beer.’ I literally brought a box of pizza and a six-pack of beer because I thought it would be like a tribunal or something. Like, ‘Ah, there will be like five people, we’ll discuss the misunderstanding, everyone will enjoy some pizza and beer, and then we’ll be on our way.’ No. So I burst in the door, and there’s like over a hundred people there."

Christian: "So we got tipped off, and we discussed it on the drive, what we would do, and then we decided we were going to flip it back on them. It was a little risky, but we decided we were going to go this way. So we decided on making a book because a lot of the talent were getting book deals at this time. I think Chyna, at the time, had a book that was about to come out. We had got to the building early; we took a book, just a whatever book, and we took it to Richie (Posner), who used to do the props and the magic. We didn’t tell him what was going on, but we just said, ‘Hey, we need this book, and we need the cover to be our picture, and we need it to say: "Edge and Christian: How To Kiss Ass, Our Road To The Top.’"

Edge: "Complete with a picture of us with total shit-eating grins."

Christian: "We’d also come up with this speech where we were going to talk about how we had been kind of pegged as ass kissers, and we weren’t going to hide from it, and we presented the book. We said, ‘There’s a lot of ass kissers on this roster, so we’ll take the fall for all of them.’ We just kind of owned up to all of it, and at the end, we said, ‘A lot of the talent have been getting book deals. We probably should just tell you now, so you’re not surprised when you find out, but because of the stuff we’ve been doing, we’ve received a book deal.’

"You could just see silence in the room, you could hear a pin drop, and just peoples’ faces turning beet red. They were mad, like, ‘These guys have been here for, like, a year, and they get a book already?’ and we pulled the book out, we read the title, and the whole room burst out in laughter. Bob Holly had tears in his eyes. He was laughing so hard. Steve Blackman was laughing. Triple H came up to us and goes, ‘Guys, that’s the best defense I’ve ever seen in my life.’"

Brian: "Oh yeah. You two were such a delight. So wonderful, but if you recall, the three of us were up there together. You two worked it like gangbusters. Remember that Bugs Bunny cartoon where Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck are playing to a big house, and Bugs does his routine and gets a standing ovation and roses? Then Daffy does his schtick, and it’s like crickets, silence. That, I think, is an appropriate approximation of our day in Wrestlers Court. You’re using prop comedy; you’re using funny anecdotes.

JBL, as the prosecutor, says, ‘Well, Mr. Ger-witz, here…’ and I say, ‘Excuse me, my name is Gewirtz, so if we’re going to get this sham of a trial underway, the least you could do is get my name right,’ thinking, ‘It’s tongue-in-cheek. They’ll like that I stood up to John,’ and nothing. In fact, even more anger. People needed to be, like, restrained. Everybody was, you know, putting over Adam and Jay. ‘You boys learned your lesson, you little scallywags,’ and I’m like, ‘I learned my lesson, too.’ ‘No. No, you didn’t!’ Just so much, so much anger.

That spiraled out of control rather quickly. I remember Stone Cold walked out about halfway through. He had seen enough. Pat (Patterson) came in when Stone Cold was leaving and didn’t really understand that there was tension between me and the other people. So he was like, ‘That little shit, he changed the finish of the matches.’"

Edge: "Which just like ramped it up on top of what was already happening. I think that was one of, if not the last, Wrestlers Courts because what we did showed how to turn it on its head. How to turn a really ridiculous, asinine, infantile thing on its head is just to, you know, go with it."

Brian: "Yes, there was a distinct ‘How to’ and ‘How not to’ handle Wrestlers Court…"

Christian: "…And both were shown that day."

The anonymous ‘Burt Angel’ is the true hero of that story. Who knows how Edge and Christian would’ve fared in wrestlers’ court without the preparation on their side.

This story was one of many included in our long-form piece entitled, Tales from WWE’s Wrestlers Court. Stories included are the time Matt Striker wound up in Wrestlers Court after a misinterpreted comment turned the entire locker room against him, the time when the entire divas’ roster were summoned to court for "making things embarrassing for the business," how The Miz got kicked out of the WWE locker room for accidentally spilling chicken crumbs on Chris Benoit’s bags, and how an incident with Eddie Guerrero led to Muhammad Hassan going to Wrestlers Court for a $2000 bar tab. It’s an article you don’t want to miss!

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