Talking Stories with Pro Wrestling Stories Owner JP Zarka

You’ve read his stories on our site, and now you can hear the unique story of JP Zarka!

JP Zarka is a journalist, musician, and owner of Pro Wrestling Stories. You’ve read his stories, and now you can hear the unique story!

An Interview with Pro Wrestling Stories Owner/Editor-in-Chief, JP Zarka

JP Zarka is an American journalist, musician, and owner/editor-in-chief here on Pro Wrestling Stories.

In a fascinating discussion with Jack O’Hara on The O’SHOW, JP discusses living with the global pandemic in England, creating the Pro Wrestling Stories website, his favorite pieces on the site, his thoughts on VICE’s Dark Side of The Ring series, whether or not the Montreal Screwjob was a work or shoot, how writing music differs from writing wrestling articles, his experience of hosting The Genius Cast podcast with Lanny Poffo, the current status of The Pro Wrestling Stories Podcast, and so much more!

Tune in to listen to his interview in full here.

The O’SHOW is hosted By Jack O’Hara, a journalist and sports broadcaster at Grand Canyon University, talking sports, rock n’ roll, film, and more!

You can subscribe and listen to past episodes of The O’SHOW on their website here. You can also follow Jack O’Hara on Twitter and Instagram @IAmJackOHara, and at @OShowPod.

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