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RANDY AND LIZ – The True Tragic Story Behind Wrestling’s Greatest Fairytale


Macho Man Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth Ann Hulette

Not every fairy tale is as it seems. This is the true story of the first couple of professional wrestling, ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth.


“Elizabeth was different from any other woman in wrestling.

The crowd felt very protective of her. When [the heel] Savage would make an angry move towards Elizabeth, the fans wanted to jump over the barricade and stand in front of him. She won the people over. [Later] their sympathy for her allowed them to see Randy as human…”


“Away from the spotlight, the real Liz was very much like the character she played.

She was shy and quiet and her elegant grace was easy on the eyes. She and Randy were great together and had already been married for years before their live on pay-per-view wedding at Summerslam ‘91…”


“Every time you put Randy Savage in a ring with Hulk Hogan it changed the amount of revenue that was generated across the board, with Elizabeth as the extra piece of the puzzle to keep the door open.

Elizabeth didn’t necessarily have to sell the storyline, but just to have her as the third cog in the wheel…”


“Hogan will try to suck the blood from anyone to get himself over. Every time anyone did something good, you’d look over and there [Hogan’s] face was…”


“While Randy was always very professional, having Elizabeth there made things tough for him. I think it would have been tough for anyone. She was a beautiful young lady. They were married, and it was never easy having your wife with you on the road. Most of the guys I knew who tried it wound up divorced, and they were no exception. Professional wrestling was not exactly the set of The Waltons…”


“The backstage environment is like a zoo.

Hallways are set up as dressing rooms, you can see guys half undressed, totally undressed, going to the shower in a towel, or still in their underwear or their trunks.

Elizabeth was one of the only women at the time that was in the backstage area. And I gotta tell you, man, I’ve never met a group of males with a greater tendency toward adultery, promiscuity, and even sexual perversion.

Randy was just protective of the wife that he loved…”

LANNY POFFO (Randy’s Brother):

“There were people putting Halcion in people’s drinks. There were people using people’s suitcases as toilets. It was like National Lampoons Animal House! My brother was just a no-nonsense guy in a world full of nonsense…”


“I remember envying Randy for being able to bring his wife on the road all the time…but in hindsight, it seems to me anyway, that never being out of each other’s sight probably contributed to the demise of their fairy tale romance more than anything else…”


“Savage was a hot-tempered guy, and Elizabeth was a very shy person who wouldn’t do anything to upset him. She seemed totally devoted to him…”


“Honestly, Randy was the most jealous man I had ever met, and it created a real problem…

Every night it was something different. Randy’s jealousy was driving him crazy. There were times when he would lock her in the dressing room. Randy was always screaming at somebody…”


“Let me just say this…both of them were Scorpios and they were both over-protective of each other and very jealous…but I knew that they loved each other very much too.

And sometimes when you love someone so much, you don’t realize what you’re doing, even if you think it’s in their best interest…”


“I made more money working with Randy than anyone else because he was such a professional. And he was actually the same way out of the ring as he was in the ring, with the voice and the attitude. He lived Macho Man. He didn’t bring character – that WAS him.

Randy was my boy. To go through that whole business with him and be such great friends…then to have a falling out that lasted 10 years…”


“[Hogan and I have] never been friends.

Acquaintances at best…just a business-type thing on television.

I got nothing good to say about Hulk Hogan.

He’s a punk. You know what I mean?

Everyone knows it’s sports entertainment, entertaining wrestling fans. But sometimes what goes on behind the scenes is stronger than the soap opera on the video scope…and that’s what happened with me and Hulk Hogan…”


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