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THE BIG SHOW: Your Gentle, Genial Giant


After a three volume series based around the out-of-print, heavily priced and much sought after Gary Hart autobiography, Pro Wrestling Stories takes a few steps closer to the present with some entertaining stories based around Paul Wight Jr, better known by his in-ring name, Big Show.

From a young age, Show was a medical phenomenon, suffering from acromegaly, a hormonal syndrome which led to Andre The Giant‘s passing in 1993. The condition is responsible for Big Show’s immensity just as it was for Andre’s. The difference is that Big Show stopped the progress of his acromegaly with a successful surgery on his pituitary gland in the early 1990s.

In 2011’s WWE ‘Beyond The Ring’ release, Big Show: A Giant’s World, Show opened up about his condition:

“I figure I was about nine when I developed a tumor on my pituitary gland. It’s referred to as acromegaly. I think the statistic is that there are 177 seven-foot kids that graduate from high school each year. I was 6’2” at twelve. I really started to get freakishly big at fourteen when I was like 6’8”. I was just a machine. I ate about 14,000 calories a day. It was nothing for me in high school to eat four Big Mac’s, two fish sandwiches, two large fries and a large shake and twenty minutes later play a basketball game like nothing was wrong. I was dunking a basketball in eighth grade [and reached 7’0” tall in high school].”

Big Show continues, “I realized when I was a freshman in college that I had giantism. It really hit me right in the stomach hard, because I always thought I was just blessed. I never thought of it as an abnormality. I just thought I was just gifted with all this. As a young kid, I didn’t know. I just thought I was just stronger than all the other kids.”

Being 7-foot even, the Big Show has a tendency to be an imposing presence. To counter his incredible immensity compared to everyone else, Show has an infectious sense of humor. This is one way he has said to cope with people’s first impression of him. He often does impressions of other wrestlers backstage (on screen as well!) and it was his comedy skills which helped him move into acting. In 2010, he starred in the film Knucklehead. Big Show also appears in the movies The Waterboy and MacGruber. He has also had parts on TV shows such as Royal Pains, Burn Notice, and Psyche as well.

The stories featured in this installment will showcase the funnier side of the big man. Sit back, make yourself a cup of morning coffee and enjoy the read! If you like what you have read, share this on social media or tell a friend!


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