CM Punk WWE Backstage Debut – Here’s What He Had to Say!

CM Punk had his full episode debut last night on WWE Backstage on FOX and he was not short of soundbites! Ever since his departure from WWE in 2014, his gift of gab and ability to tell it exactly how it is has been something sorely missed in the wrestling world. Well, folks, he’s back and he didn’t censor his thoughts! Here’s what he had to say about WWE’s “garbage” creative, Seth Rollins’ questionable tweets, a potential return to the ring, and more. 

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For those of you who didn’t get a chance to catch November 19, 2019’s episode of WWE Backstage, here is a complete run-down of what went down on the show. H/T to Reddit user “SextonHardcastle1855” for taking the time to break it all down:


– CM Punk reiterated his contract is only with FOX and has talked with no one from WWE aside from those on the show.

– Admits that you can never say never on a return to the ring as he’s 41 and experienced enough to know not to say no. Says bridge-building the size of the Great Wall of China would be necessary.


– Punk believes professional wrestling as a whole could be better if there is less over-production, micromanaging, and let wrestlers be themselves.

– Only like 10-12 people knew about him joining the WWE Backstage crew including Renee Young, his wife AJ Lee, and his inner circle. Mentioned Jim Ross as someone still in his inner circle as they still text.

– He legitimately had butterflies in his stomach coming back saying it was the first time he’s truly felt something like this in a long time which makes him feel like it was the right move to join the show.

– Said he felt nothing before his match with Undertaker at WrestleMania 29 and would have rather continued talking to AJ behind the curtain. (He also stated this in the Colt Cabana podcast.) He got more feeling from talking to her backstage than his actual match with Undertaker in the ring.


– When asked what he likes in wrestling, he stated the women but said he hated the women’s revolution label. “Stop placing a hashtag on things as the women kick ass, so let them go out there and kick ass.” He also picked NXT. Said he knows what it’s like to be an indy guy and get told you won’t make it on TV so he relates to those guys. Said people like them are fresh new toys who haven’t been tainted or overexposed by the business yet.


– During the “Promo School” segment with David Arquette, he gave his promo an F- and stated after David attacked Punk’s MMA career, he shouldn’t have backed down from it. He really laid into him calling him a bum as it’s real life and it happened, but also accepts it.

– Stated that it felt more like a battle rap and less like a promo school. He seemed disappointed.

– When discussing Survivor Series, he shared how he felt the big dog segment from SmackDown was trash creative and he jokingly stated it made him regret coming back. Said he wasn’t familiar with Baron Corbin. He also got Paige to agree that it was trash.


– Mocked the SmackDown blue belt. Paige agreed again.

– Thought the Brock Lesnar / Rey Mysterio match would be a diamond in the rough and believes with the Chicago crowd it will be elevated.

CM Punk to Seth Rollins: “Just stop tweeting!”

– Punk and Renee talk Seth Rollins challenging Punk

– CM Punk stated this wasn’t the place for Seth to shoot his little angles.

– Stated Seth’s best bet to get his edge back is to “just stop tweeting!”

– Rollins didn’t heed the advice by Punk and responded after the show was finished calling CM Punk a “coward” on Twitter:

– Renee dances around The Shield and refers to Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins as those Shield guys. Punk asks her who her favorite Shield guy is referring to Ambrose/Moxley.


– Believes Seth/Roman are the top guys but being overexposed has turned the fans on them. Tough to find creative ways to reinvent yourself when you are as overexposed as they are.

– CM Punk cuts a good promo on Tom Arnold who trash-talked him on Twitter.


– Since the episode has aired, Tom Arnold replied saying Punk was only famous for “pooping tights during a loss”:

Watch the Renee Young sit-down interview with CM Punk on WWE Backstage in full:

YouTube video

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