A Fond Farewell to The Genius Cast | How To Listen Early

Lanny Poffo bids farewell to his podcast, The Genius Cast. Find out why and how you can listen to this special final episode early.

After twenty successful weeks of running their show, The Genius Cast with Lanny Poffo, Lanny and his co-host JP Zarka are hanging up the headphones. A statement was given by JP from their social media accounts @TheGeniusCast explaining why:

“Lanny and I built a wonderful friendship over these past few months that will last a lifetime. Hopefully, we too created art in the process that the fans will be able to listen back to, learn from, and smile as a result of this show for years to come. But for both of us, it was the perfect time to hang up the headphones. We actually both had the same thought on the same day and when we called one another yesterday, we both said the exact same things. It was perfect.

As Lanny said in the video, he’s 64 and he has a bucket list of items that he would like to get to conquer in life. And for me, I’m looking forward to gaining back those lost evenings, having more time for writing, my music which has been very much neglected, and most importantly, having more time for my beautiful family and two-year-old daughter.

Doing this podcast was a bucket list item for me. I will forever cherish the new friendships with many of you as a result of this show, and for having had the amazing opportunity of meeting many heroes of mine in the process. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for supporting this show and for coming along for the journey. The final two episodes will be our best yet!”

Lanny and JP are doing something different and very special to end their show’s run. Each week, The Genius Cast ran to about an hour to an hour and a half but they didn’t want end things by doing the usual. They’re doing so with a bang by putting out two versions of this episode that you all will never forget!

Version one (1 hour, 10 minutes long): This will drop as normal on your favorite podcast app on Monday, January 21st. On this version of the show’s finale, Lanny and JP go into full detail on why they’re calling it a day, JP plays a song he wrote entitled “Hope For Tomorrow”, Lanny shares one last song and poem, and they give tribute to Roddy Piper with guest Pete Rosen. As many of you know, Lanny was the final ever guest on Roddy’s podcast “Piper’s Pit” and they thought it would only be fitting to have Roddy be the focus of Lanny Poffo’s final ever show.

Version two (3 hours, 45 minutes long): The unedited, uncut “Super Genius Cast” version of the show, where they throw everything at it but the kitchen sink!

What’s included in the “Super Genius Cast” finale:

– Everything heard in version one of the final episode.

– An interview with Outback Jack where he discusses how he was discovered when WWF talent walked into his local pub as he was watching wrestling on the telly in the middle of nowhere in Australia, being an ambassador for his country while in the business, he shares his knowledge on deadly Australian wildlife, he breaks down crying after singing a nostalgic song, plus he pours out his heart and shares stories of malicious ribbing and the Dynamite Kid that will make your jaws drop. This is not an interview to miss!

– A conversation with Jason Mosher where he and Lanny talk wrestling in the Maritimes and the upcoming documentary Lanny is narrating.

– Wrestling promotor Jason Gagne out of Winnipeg shares stories of which legends were the best and worst to work with over the years.

– Former ICW announcer Tim Eppenstein (also known as Tim Tyler) share stories from his time in the Poffo family’s ICW promotion.

– Michael William Braun is on the show, the man responsible for creating the amazing robes and ring attire for Randy and many other wrestlers. He also created outfits for Jimi Hendrix! Some really amazing stories here.

– Nora Greenwald, also known as Molly Holly, in a special interview from this week, shares her memories of Crash Holly, Eddie Guerrero and how she was one of the last people to see him alive, her mission in Guatemala, and more!

– Plus, they include extra treats that haven’t been made available until now including the very first recording Lanny and JP had where in this conversation JP makes the pitch to Lanny about doing The Genius Cast. This sounds like an episode you don’t want to miss!

As Lanny and JP are making this version of the final episode chock-full of surprises, they’re making it available in a different way. They have had a lot of people helping them behind the scenes that they would like to give thanks to in a monetary way as they close the door to this chapter in their lives. To help with that, browse on over to tinyurl.com/thegeniuscast. This will lead you to a page where for a donation of your choice, you can listen to the final uncut version of the finale.

Both versions of the show will be available from 7 a.m. EST on Monday, January 21st, 2019.

** As a special treat, anyone who donates $5 or more before that date will receive a link to listen to gain early access of the finale! **

–> tinyurl.com/thegeniuscast <–

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