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The Exclusive Inside Story of WWE’s ‘PLANE RIDE FROM HELL!’


The exclusive inside story of WWE’s “PLANE RIDE FROM HELL!”

This week’s instalment is being fulfilled as a request from a very kind Redditor. His request – ‘The plane ride from hell!’ So here you have it.

“Liquid Courage”  – a fitting song to go along with this week’s post!

Wrestling On May 5th 2002, the WWE finished its tour of Britain with the taping of the ‘Insurrextion‘ pay-per-view in London.

The unbelievable chaos that ensued on that fateful flight has since passed into wrestling folklore – an orgy of excess, violence and sexual misconduct that would ultimately spell the end of at least two notable careers.

Today we sift through the details as well as hear detailed first-hand accounts from two eyewitnesses – JUSTIN CREDIBLE and SEAN ‘X-PAC’ WALTMAN who were there in the thick of it.

So put your seat upright, fasten your seatbelt – there may be some turbulence along the way…

(Warning: inevitably, some of the language you are about to read is a of a ‘colorful’ nature. Discretion, etc, is advised.)


“Vince at the time was chartering flights. We weren’t on commercial flights – we’d rent a whole plane. We had a 747 – all ours. Meaning [not only] all the wrestlers [but also] the TV crew. So we have every cameraman, all the girls that make the costumes, tour managers, everybody – a full plane of WWE people.

Now with that comes – and I bet you Vince has not done it since – a full and open bar. And what I mean by that is…a plane filled with alcoholic wrestlers at the end of a gruelling tour. So think about it…it’s like the last day of school…”


“It was brewing…everybody had their different little deals they were doing…some people were doing GHB [Gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid], getting pilled-up – whatever, you know…

You could buy [GHB] in the healthfood store. It was legal, so that was the reason everyone was doing it. But it…fucked…you…up…”

Events started out more or less innocently when Curt Hennig and Scott Hall got hold of shaving cream canisters and proceeded to run around ‘tagging’ multiple individuals with the contents. Goofy stuff.

But more serious was to come.

Shane Ryan of described a scene in his piece: ‘The Wrestler In Real Life: Ric Flair’s Long, Steady Decline

“Wrestlers on the flight passed out syringes to the flight attendants with instructions to dispose of them…”


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