Tammy Sytch and Chris Candido | The Sad Story of Sunny & Skip

Cheating, betrayal, Shawn Michaels, and more. This is the sad, sordid story of Tammy Sytch and Chris Candido. Warning: It’s not pretty!

Cheating, betrayal, Shawn Michaels, and more. This is the sad, sordid story of Tammy Sytch and Chris Candido. Warning: It’s not pretty!
Tammy Sytch and Chris Candido (Sunny and Skip in WWE) during happier times.

"What Sunny Wants, Sunny Gets” – The Sordid Story of Tammy Sytch and Chris Candido

SUNNY (Tammy Stych):

"Chris Candido was my high school sweetheart.

I was going to college on a full academic scholarship. I was going to be a plastic surgeon. He got hired for Smoky Mountain in Knoxville, Tennessee, and I transferred schools down there. Within a month, Jim Cornette hired me because he needed a girl on TV that no one has seen before. That six months lasted two and a half years, and then I got a phone call from Bruce Prichard from the WWF, and I was hired…"


"From the very fact that at some point during our lives we say that we want to be professional wrestlers…there is obviously something mentally wrong with us…

You get all those guys, and you put us together. We have to travel around together for a long period of time, who are also full of testosterone, in a ‘cosmetic’ business and stuff…different people act in different ways.

And back then, when you threw just one girl into the mix, there would inevitably be rumors said and stuff.

I mean, you’re a guy on the road – you have your wives, your girlfriends at home, there may not be a rat in town that day- you have to look at SOMEbody.

And she’s the closest thing to you…"


"Chris and Tammy loved each other dearly. And that’s great. They were just young, and they’d had a big break [in the business]. But what bothered me is Chris would follow Tammy round like a little puppy dog…"

SUNNY (Tammy Sytch):

"In WWE, I was called the ‘Kliq chick’ -and not just because I got along with the Kliq, but because I was sleeping with one of them…" (laughs)


"The thing with Shawn [Michaels] is, he was 24 hours a day the ‘Heartbreak Kid’ – he wasn’t just a guy who played a character, he really did think it.

At first, it didn’t bother me.

It’s common sense that s***’s going to be said. You couldn’t get around it. Because she was the only girl, and Shawn was the top guy…"


"Supposedly, Shawn was, you know, hitting on Tammy…and Chris was just so much in love with this woman, it was driving him crazy.

We actually found a note in Chris’s bag that was pretty heavy…and you know, Chris was depressed, man. And the depression was because of the Kliq – and they loved it. They were thriving on it. They were like, ‘Ok, let’s see if we can make this kid kill himself,’ you know? It was just terrible.

I thought Chris was very vulnerable, man. I thought he was going to hurt himself or hurt – KILL – one of those a**holes.

I tried to stop it…"


"I don’t remember being hard on him…probably because his girlfriend was sleeping with everyone in the territory, and he was acting like he didn’t know what was going on…walking around like a dumb stooge…"


"Everything is strength in numbers…and [the Kliq] had the numbers.

You know, you had Diesel, you had Michaels and Helmsley – or Triple H, whatever the hell his [name is now], Scott Hall…this group of guys that were actually telling Vince McMahon what to do.

A terrible, terrible time. It hurt a lot of people.

To them, it became a joke because they had control, so it was like, ‘Ok let’s f*** with this guy now…ok well we got him out; now let’s go to this guy and let’s ruin his life and get HIM fired, ok – now let’s go to this guy…’

And that’s what they did – just toyed with people’s emotions and livelihoods…"

Tammy Sytch and Chris Candido posing together with her holding his chin

"I like Tammy…because I’ve recognized – and have told her this to her face many times – that she’s a cunt. And she KNOWS she’s a cunt. She’s a miserable cunt. Tammy, God bless her, she could rub people the wrong way in about two fractions of a second…"

DENNIS KNIGHT (Phineas Godwinn):

"She did a lot of lying. She could be a very evil person.

I came up with [Candido], and you know, I love the guy. I was with him less than 24 hours before he died. And that f***ing Sunny, you know, Shawn and those guys would have people watch [for Chris] in the locker room while they were banging her…"

KEVIN KELLY (WWF Announcer):

"I think he had to know [what was going on]…it was always a really bizarre relationship to me…"

MARK CANTERBURY (Henry Godwinn):

"She kept the leash on him…she did what she wanted, but she was holding him back…"

SUNNY (Tammy Sytch):

"Shawn and I were together for almost nine months. It was a long time. It wasn’t just two people having sex on the road; we had a relationship. Christ, I even went to Jamaica with him for a week. We kept it under wraps as best we could. A few people found out…"

PAUL BEARER (aka, Percy Pringle):

"One day in Madison Square Garden, I called him out in front of all the boys.

I said, ‘Chris, come here…’

I called him around the back and said, ‘This is what everyone else thinks [about the way Tammy is acting up]…’

He said, ‘But Percy, I love her…’"

SUNNY (Tammy Sytch):

"I was the source for a lot of heat.

I was a big source of heat between Shawn and Bret. A lot of base heat between them is me. Because Shawn thought I was banging Bret, but I wasn’t. Bret and I were just really good friends. The Hart family adored me…"


"We rode with Davey [Boy Smith] all the time. We were always together. But Davey was not even a guy who would, you know, rat around or anything either. Diana [his wife] would’ve legitimately kicked his a**. Davey didn’t f*** with anybody…"

SUNNY (Tammy Sytch):

"Yeah, I slept with Davey. Off and on. Davey came after Shawn…"

MARK CANTERBURY (Henry Godwinn):

"She had so much heat [backstage]…in Germany, they had to send her home a week early because somebody s*** in her food. I don’t know who it was…"


"It was Sean Waltman!

[He] decided he was going to poop in Tammy’s Chinese food. They made them in these containers. She went back to the hotel [oblivious], and she ate it.

The next day we got on the bus and of course, [somebody yells] ‘Tammy…did you like your poo-poo platter last night?’"

SUNNY (Tammy Sytch):

"When we were in ECW, the locker room was like a family. Everybody was friends, you know…we’d go to Florida, and after the show, everybody would go out together. We’d go to a strip club, or we’d go just to dinner or something like that as a group…"


"Poor Chris, bless his heart. He was such a wonderful guy, not a bad bone in his body…"


"There are so many stories I could tell you about how she disrespected Chris.

We were on the roof of a club in Miami where she was blowing Raven [while] she just had her hand out for pills.

[I was] walking into the boiler room to get high and f***in’ Sabu’s in there gettin’ a BJ from Tammy [in exchange for pills]…he doesn’t give her the Somas ’til she’s done the job.

[Another time] I walked into the bathroom, and she’s blowing him and jerkin’ Joey Matthews off, I think it was…[all the while] Chris is running around the bar looking for her…"


"No, she never blew me…but she tried—a bunch of times.

I will say this. I gave her some Soma’s to show me her breasts. And she did. She wanted 50 Soma’s. But I only gave her 35…"

Tammy Sytch and Chris Candido in matching blue, yellow and red wrestling attire standing sideways posting for the camera
Tammy Sytch and Chris Candido as Sunny and Skip in WWE.


"You, me – ALL of us would say, ‘Well, if my girl dogged me out like that…’ But until you walk a mile in somebody’s shoes, man – you don’t know what you’re gonna do…"

DENNIS KNIGHT (Phineas Godwinn):

"So, the night [on RAW] that I finally ‘slopped’ Sunny, we made the slop bucket which was usually [filled to the top]…"

MARK CANTERBURY (Henry Godwinn):

"…That day the bucket was about half full.

I took it in the locker room, and I said, ‘Sunny’s getting slopped tonight… don’t nobody do nothing to this…’

And I set it down, and I walked out.

When I come back, the bucket…is full.

All the boys are spittin’ their dip in there…Razor, 1-2-3 Kid, taking it to the shower…doing a little…[you know]…’ spicin’ it up.’

So, [when she got ‘slopped’] she got a mixture of a little bit of everybody that night…"

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