James ‘Kamala’ Harris – ‘God Sent’ Fans Help Save Harris Family Home

We wrote of James ‘Kamala’ Harris and his family’s desperate plea for support to help save their family home. $12,750 in property tax was owed to the state of Mississippi. Had this money not been paid in full, the Harris family would have had to relinquish their home to the government. We are happy to report a positive outcome in this situation.

James 'Kamala' Harris thanks 'God sent' fans for helping save his family home
James “Kamala” Harris thanks “God sent” fans for helping save his family home

Due to generous contributions, James ‘Kamala’ Harris and his family no longer need to live life in fear of losing their home again.

James Harris is a double amputee and the great majority of his disposable income has been going towards his health care costs, namely dialysis three times per week for his diabetes. Although James made decent money in the wrestling industry, there is proof that he often did not receive the same payoffs as many of his opponents.

When he and his family ran the risk of losing their home due to unpaid property tax, B Brian Blair and Mark Henry came to assist by helping launch a Go Fund Me fundraiser in a bid to help raise enough money to save their friend’s home.

Unsung hero Chris Jericho comes to the rescue with a generous last-minute donation which helps save the Harris Family home

When the deadline arrived, not enough money had been raised. When Chris Jericho heard of this situation, he contributed a generous $5,000 to the cause which covered the rest of the money needed to help save the Harris family home.

Jericho has been an unsung hero when it comes to making sizeable donations to those in need in the past. He never tweets about his contributions nor talks about his good deeds on his podcast, but he should be praised for his heartfelt generosity. Jericho has donated at least $42,000 to various causes over the years, which makes him a truly remarkable, selfless person.

We are happy to report that in the eighteen days since the Harris family Go Fund Me fundraiser went live, $14,945 of the $12,750 goal (as of this writing) has been raised and the fundraising campaign has officially come to an end. The contributions not only saved the Harris family home from being seized by the Mississippi government now (and in the future, as explained below), but the excess money raised will also be able to go towards fixing their old Ford Excursion which has over 400,000 miles on it.

B Brian Blair, President, and CEO of the Cauliflower Alley Club, who has acted on the behalf of many former professional wrestlers in their time of need in the past, gave an update on his personal Facebook page just prior to midnight on April 21st, 2019:

“Dear friends/supporters,

“You all have been “God Sent,” your support for James “Kamala” Harris will never be forgotten and we will thank every one of you personally, as time allows. As you can see, because of your generosity, we have exceeded the Harris family’s eminent needs…this is amazing! We want to officially end this campaign as of now, and once again cannot thank you all enough! Both the MS State and County tax assessors will be paid in full, and the remainder will stay with the James “Kamala” Harris family to fix their Ford Excursion with almost 400,000 miles on it. FYI, since the Harris family will have paid their state taxes, they will now be able to file an exemption and never have property taxes again (age 65, per MS law, however, this cannot be done if you owe the state $)…this is a great law, and you may want to remind your state representatives to follow the lead of the MS Congress if your state does not allow this!

“On behalf of James “Kamala” Harris, Mark Henry and me, may you be blessed for your kindness. B Brian Blair”

With this headache now behind them, James ‘Kamala’ Harris and his family no longer need to live life in fear of losing their home again.

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