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BRET HART: Revealed!

A Feel-Good Tell-All on Man Who Wore Black and Pink


Bret Hart- ‘The Best There Is, The Best There Was, The Best There Ever Will Be.’ [Photo courtesy of]

Bret Hart is an absolute hero. For many, he is what got people into professional wrestling. During a time when big, cartoonish men like Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior and Macho Man Randy Savage were forced to step aside due to steroid scandals, smaller men like Hart, Curt Hennig and Shawn Michaels were stepping to the forefront with Bret leading the charge. Bret revolutionized the industry in the early 1990’s by bringing high quality, athletic in-ring performance to the fore, and has cultivated a legacy as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

This installment is a mix of stories from Bret with quotes from his peers, dedicated to ‘The Best There Is, The Best There Was, The Best There Ever Will Be.’ Here’s to Bret slapping that prostate cancer into a sharpshooter and making it tap out.

February 18th, 2016 edit: Bret did, in fact, slap that prostate cancer into a sharpshooter and made it tap out! As per the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

“Bret Hart underwent prostate cancer surgery on 2/10 in Calgary and by all accounts, the procedure was a success. He had his prostate completely removed and doctors were confident that the cancer was contained and so he won’t need any chemotherapy or radiation and should make a full recovery.”

“Hart had apparently known about having prostate cancer dating back to last summer, but had only told close family and even friends only found out days before he made the announcement on Facebook. Doctors felt that because it was a slow growing cancer, he didn’t need immediate surgery and they pushed it back due to his recovery from a wrist operation that took longer than expected to rehab.”

We couldn’t be happier to hear this news.


“In all honesty, I don’t know that I was the greatest wrestler of all-time.

I tip my hat to a lot of the great wrestlers. Dynamite Kid…I would never say that I was better than him. I think that pound-for-pound, he was the greatest wrestler of all-time. [But] I also think that I was more professional than he was and I had more longevity than he did.

Curt Hennig was also a wrestler that I would never say I was better than. He was a great wrestler. There are a lot of great wrestlers. Although, I don’t know that anybody did it as safely or as smoothly as I did.

I never hurt one wrestler in my career that I know of. I never saw a wrestler that couldn’t work the next day on account of working with me. That in and of itself is such a statement. I don’t know of any other wrestler that had a schedule like mine that can say the same thing.”


‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and Bret Hart


“Man, working with Bret Hart was some of the most fun matches I’ve ever had in my life. There was Chicago and WrestleMania 13, over in South Africa, in Germany…and Bret had a pretty good stronghold over in Germany.

I loved working with Bret. I’ve got a lot of respect for Bret as a person and everything he did as a pro wrestler.
Hell, I remember one time we were working a show somewhere and Bret was in the main event. He got a flat tire on his Lincoln Towncar and I changed his tire while he was in the ring working.

Every day you work with Bret, you could learn something. We had 100 percent trust in each other and 100 percent respect for each other. He’s a badass guy, and every night was a good night with Hart. That’s the damn truth.

I wish him all the best. I love that guy. I got so much respect for him. He truly is one of the best ever — an absolute artist in the ring. I hold him in very high regard, and he’s a very dear friend.”


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