A Shoot in the Ring

Dr Death Steve Williams and Steve Ray

On May 10th, 1991, at a television taping in New York City,  UWF promoter Herb Abrams paid Dr. Death Steve Williams an extra $100 to take care of this problem.

The Universal Wrestling Federation was a short-lived wrestling promotion that started with a lot of promise in 1990.

Inconsistent storylines by the eccentric owner and booker Herb Abrams — who allegedly squandered much of the money on illegal narcotics for himself — hindered any progress the promotion obtained.

Abrams was an ambitious businessman, envisioning his UWF dethroning the then-WWF.

One of the homegrown talents who began getting a solid push by the UWF was the lean-muscled, bleach-blonde-haired "Wild Thing" Steve Ray, who had a surfer/rocker gimmick.

The match between Dr. Death Steve and Ray began with some chain wrestling, but after Ray delivered several powerful kicks that connected with Williams in the corner, things took a turn.

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