Scott Steiner

The Controversial Story of "Big Poppa Pump"

Ribbing, numerous clashes with the law, and Steiner Math, too, this is a story of changing companies, changing appearance, plenty of controversy, and evolving with the times.

To stay relevant in the continually evolving world of professional wrestling is a challenge for many talented performers.  One individual that managed this very well, however, was Scott Steiner.

Scott Steiner – Early Years and Amateur Success

Born Scott Rechsteiner in Ban City, Michigan, on July 29, 1962, Steiner was an accomplished amateur wrestler at the University of Michigan. Three times a runner up in the Big Ten Conference, Steiner became an NCAA Division 1 All-American in 1986.

Their first serious matches would see them pitted against Rick’s former "Varsity Club" stable-mates, Kevin Sullivan and a pre-IRS Mike Rotunda.

The Formation of The Steiner Brothers in WCW

War Games, More Tag Team Gold, and WCW Exit

The Steiner Brothers would go on to capture the NWA United States Tag Titles in August of 1990. These championships were to be renamed the WCW United States Titles during The Steiners’ reign as the company withdrew from the National Wrestling Alliance.

Rick and Scott Steiner Arrive at the WWF

Before even arriving in the World Wrestling Federation, the idea of Scott Steiner as a singles star was discussed. Two of McMahon’s closest lieutenants, Pat Patterson and Bruce Prichard, felt enamored with Scott’s athletic ability and fast-growing charisma.




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