Raven in WWE Where Did It All Go Wrong?

Scott Levy performed under various aliases over his long wrestling career. Scotty the Body, Scotty Flamingo, and Johnny Polo are but a few, though by far, his most successful run in wrestling came under the guise of Raven.

After finding success in ECW and WCW, Raven re-signed with the WWE (WWF at the time), and the fans were excited. This should have marked Raven’s greatest run of all, but Vince McMahon had different plans.

Raven: “Michael Hayes was in a booking meeting when Vince McMahon said, ‘Who the f*** hired Johnny Polo?’ My heart was broken when I realized I wasn’t going to be used right.”

Raven WWE Debut

Debuting at Unforgiven 2000, Raven came to Tazz’s aid, who defeated Jerry “The King” Lawler in a strap match. There was no build for his arrival. There weren’t any vignettes. Raven just appeared, gave Lawler a DDT, and then left.

Although he had won his way back onto the Raw roster, Raven would lose to Jeff Hardy in a Royal Rumble qualifier match in what would be his final match in the WWE. Raven was released from the promotion the following week on January 20, 2003.

When Scott Levy returned to the WWE as Raven, it was his opportunity to break into the company’s top echelon. His momentum, creative juices, and passion were flowing, but ultimately none of that mattered.

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