Growing Up The Daughter of a Wrestling Heel

Growing Up The Daughter of a Wrestling Heel

They couldn’t enter the arenas with their father. They had to act like they didn’t know him. These extreme measures were in place to protect them.

What It Was Like Being the Daughter of a Despised Wrestling Heel

We had a chance to speak with Paloma Serna (the eldest daughter of The Great Goliath) and Mary Fries (the youngest daughter of Pampero Firpo).

The Great Goliath and Daughter Paloma

Paloma Serna is the oldest of three sisters. She vividly recalls how dangerous being the daughter of a heel could be.

Heel in the Ring, But a Loving Father at Home

Say what you will about The Great Goliath as a heel; he was nothing like that at home with his family.

"He and my grandmother went to a restaurant. My grandmother urged him to be polite. He had to explain to her privately that he had to act that way in public. I remember hearing that she was just utterly aghast by his bad manners!”

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