Harley Race

10 Tales on His Tenacity and Strength

Harley Race was considered by many to be one of the legitimately toughest men ever to grace the squared circle.

One of the wrestlers who stood out to ex-wife of Bret "The Hitman" Hart the most was Harley.  "He could break your hand with just his handshake!"

Julie Hart on the Strength of Harley Race

"I had him fully above my head – Hogan got him about chest high. Hogan claimed to get hurt after performing the famous slam – I didn’t."

Harley Race on Slamming Andre the Giant Before Hulk Hogan:

Harley Race Humbles Hulk Hogan!

"Hulk Hogan was in the dressing room when Harley Race stormed in. Race walked up to a seated Hogan and punched him, knocking him to the floor. Race then reached into this jacket and pulled out a .38 Special..."

"Owen Hart initially pranked Harley Race by replacing a bottle of BBQ sauce with a bottle of the hottest of hot sauces at one of Harley’s legendary barbecues. In reprisal, King Harley went a step too far!"

Pranking Owen Hart Goes too Far!

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