Doink The Clown

The Dark Story on the Man Behind the Paint, Matt Borne

As Doink the Clown, Matt Borne’s legacy is a little complicated, to say the least, and there seems to be a clear pattern in his career path of missing the opportunity.

The son of Pacific Northwest mainstay “Tough” Tony Borne, the second-generation grappler’s greatest success under his own name, came early in his career in Mid-South Wrestling, where he formed a three-man stable with Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Ted DiBiase.

In 1992, Matt Borne returned to the WWF as an evil clown: Doink the Clown. This is the wrestling gimmick Borne is most remembered for.

The Birth of Doink the Clown

Behind the scenes, Borne suffered from substance abuse issues and, sadly, his life ended in unfortunate circumstances.

The Death of Matt Borne

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