Joey Mercury

The Injury That Brokedown a Promising Career

Joey Mercury is an unsung hero in the wrestling industry who has been hailed by many greats as a talent maximizer who takes your best assets and makes them better. 

At 2006’s Armageddon pay-per-view where a horrific ladder spot-gone-wrong saw Joey Mercury’s face pour out blood and get shattered in numerous places. 

However bad the injury was, nothing compares to how his life played out outside of the ring.

Joey Mercury on Why He’s Fortunate to be Above Ground

Joey Mercury was a promising young talent who debuted on SmackDown! in 2005 as apart of the memorable heel team with Johnny Nitro and Melina.

MNM made an impact right off the bat, winning the WWE Tag Team Championships in their debut against none other than Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio. 

On 2006 Armageddon pay-per-view, a Fatal 4-Way Ladder Match took place between MNM, Dave Taylor and William Regal, Paul London, and Brian Kendrick and The Hardy Boyz for the tag team championships.

A promising career in WWE came crashing down in 2006 in the form of a ladder spot going horribly wrong. Vince McMahon's concern for Joey Mercury's well-being afterward led to his release months later. It was a wake-up call that potentially saved his life.

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