Jim Cornette

The Time He Threatened Brock Lesnar!

Brock Lesnar began his career at Ohio Valley Wrestling under the tutelage of Jim Cornette and Danny Davis.

On the whole, Lesnar was respectful towards anyone who had any authority in the company. However, if Brock felt people were below him, it was another story altogether.

Jim Cornette explains on his podcast The Jim Cornette Experience what Brock Lesnar did for a weapon to come into the equation.

Brock Lesnar Disrespects Jim Cornette and his Wife

"Brock Lesnar would bully the referees, and he'd bully the ring crew. He even made one of our referees cry one time."

When Lesnar then squeezed Jim Cornette's wife inappropriately after she had asked him not to, Cornette reacted accordingly.

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