Hulk Hogan and  Ultimate Warrior

The True Story of WrestleMania 6

In the ’80s, much of professional wrestling and the WWF was synonymous with Hulk Hogan.

When The Ultimate Warrior exploded onto the WWF scene in ’87, for the first time in years, Hogan saw someone competing against him to become the number one babyface in the company.

Now with a more colorful and revamped image, Ultimate Warrior – with his cartoon-like exaggerated musculature, colorful attire, face paint, and high-energy ring entrance – received a significant push.

At the turn of the decade in 1990, Hulk Hogan continued being the top babyface in the WWE (then-WWF), but a younger, edgier Ultimate Warrior was quickly garnering a solid backing from the fans. 

The formula of babyface versus heel was flipped on its head when Vince McMahon decided to bank on the popularity of two babyfaces to headline his annual extravaganz.a

It pitted champion versus champion, causing a divide amongst the fans and those involved.

In his book "Hollywood Hulk Hogan",  Hulk Hogan recognized that The Ultimate Warrior had the looks but didn’t give him credit for much else.

HULK HOGAN:  "He had no game when he got into the ring after he ran and shook the ropes."

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