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Nick Londos first brought professional wrestling to 5920 Grand River Avenue at the Detroit Olympia in the early ’20s. 

One of the men who drew strongly during those years was a bushy eyebrowed heel, who created chaos and enforced it with a stiff right. He was none other than "Wild Bull" Curry.

"Wild Bull" Curry

His career in entertaining the fan began in his teenage years when he joined a local circus to help make ends meet for his younger brothers and sisters.

The Early Days of Big Time Wrestling in Detroit

Adam Weissmuller held the reigns of wrestling in Detroit through the early years with the help of his assistant, Harry Light.

Building on the groundwork laid down by Wild Bull Curry, The Sheik became feared for his crazed in-ring tactics, and he increased the use of the concealed foreign object.

"The Sheik" Ed Farhat

Big Time Wrestling in Detroit was one of the most successful territories under the NWA banner, captivating audiences with myriad top performers and a hardcore wrestling style never seen before.

However, the territory’s ultimate demise leaves a mark in the minds of those who were there to be a part of it.

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